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[patch] fix ppc spe bootstrap error in dwf_regno

I've been working on a patch to switch a few ppc targets to use softfp
in libgcc instead of fpbit and I noticed that ppc-none-eabispe fails to
bootstrap in both trunk and 4.9. The regression was introduced in
<>. Essentially,
the assert for a hard register in dwf_regno () is not valid on ppc spe
targets. In rs6000_dwarf_register_span (), there is a note stating:

  /* The duality of the SPE register size wreaks all kinds of havoc.
     This is a way of distinguishing r0 in 32-bits from r0 in
     64-bits.  */

and the function adds 1200 to regno, which makes that register appear to
be a pseudo. This causes problems in dwf_regno (), which asserts that
reg is a hard register. Since the dwarf2 pass is executed after register
allocation it should, in theory, be ok for the rs6000 backend to be
using a pseudo register for this application.

Is this patch ok for trunk and 4.9? If so, please commit since I don't
have an svn account.


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