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Re: [patch 1/N] std::regex refactoring - _BracketMatcher

On 28/04/14 10:15 -0400, Tim Shen wrote:
On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 8:40 AM, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
I've been looking through the regex code and have a few ideas for
simplifications or optimisations that I'd like to share.

Thanks :)

This first patch is for _BracketMatcher. We only use std::bitset when
is_same<_CharT, char> so 8 * sizeof(_CharT) should be __CHAR_BIT__
instead. We also only user _UnsignedCharT when is_same<_CharT, char>
so that can just be simplified to unsigned char.

Yes, since _UnsignedCharT is just used as indexes, we can always use a
larger unsigned integer instead. Maybe "size_t" is a better choice?

There is a well-defined mapping from every unsigned char in the range
[0,255] to char and back, so conversions between char and unsigned
char are fine.  If we used a larger type then we would get the wrong result
when char is signed, because (size_t)(char)-1 != (unsigned char)(char)-1

I'm not sure if we'll have a wchar_t cache (bitset<65536>) in the future ;)

sizeof(wchar_t) is 4 on unix-like systems, but a cache for char16_t
wouldn't be totally crazy.

If you prefer I will not remove the uses of _CharT and _UnsignedCharT
and won't assume the cache is only used for char. There are still some
simplifications we can make.

The contents of _BracketMatcher::_M_char_set are not sorted and can
contain duplicates in the current code. Making that a sorted, unique
list in _BracketMatcher::_M_ready() allows a binary search instead of
linear search. This improves worst case performance for pathological
regular expressions like std::wregex('['+std::wstring(1000, 'a')+"b]")
but I'm not sure if it helps in the common case.

Trust me, in common case, even it's a bit slower, it won't be
observable. So it's just OK.

Finally, in the non-char case the _CacheT member is an unused empty
object, so having that as the first member requires 7 bytes of
padding. Re-ordering the members reduces the size of a non-char
_BracketMatcher by 8 bytes (but it's still a whopping 96 bytes).

(For a char _BracketMatcher the bitset cache makes it 128 bytes,
this patch doesn't change that).

This is OK too.

Thanks, I'll clean the patch up and commit it soon.

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