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Re: version typeinfo for 128bit types

Marc Glisse <> writes:

> this is a follow-up for this patch:
> once committed, g++ will generate typeinfo for __float128, and it needs
> versioning. While there, I noticed that __int128 has "typeinfo" but not
> "typeinfo name", so I am adding it. I manually checked that the new symbols
> were exactly the 12 I expected, with the new version number.
> I did not test the gnu-versioned-namespace version.
> I manually updated baseline for x86_64. It is awfully inconvenient to do. I
> was expecting "make new-abi-baseline" to generate it for me, but it gives
> me plenty of extra symbols compared to the current one. Some random
> examples:

It shouldn't be necessary to update all baselines whenever you add a new
version to  It seems to me that when you added
CXXABI_1.3.9, you forgot to update
libstdc++-v3/testsuite/util/ for that.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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