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Re: RFA: x86 backend: Add default-manifest to Cygwin/MinGW links

Hello Nick,

2014-04-23 10:53 GMT+02:00 Nick Clifton <>:
> Hi Guys,
>   Please could I have permission to apply the patch below ?  Ideally for
>   both mainline and the 4.9 branch.
>   The patch adds a file called "default-manifest.o" to the end of a
>   final link command line for the Cygwin and MinGW targets.  The file is
>   only added if it can be found in the library search path(s), so the
>   patch will have no effect if the file does not exist.
>   The default manifest file contains a resource section (.rsrc) holding
>   information necessary for the binary to be run under Windows 8.  It is
>   placed last on the linker command line so that a user provided
>   manifest, if there is one, will take precedence over the default
>   manifest.
>   The manifest used to be automatically added by the linker, but this
>   proved to be problematic as the linker is not good at selectively
>   inserting binaries.  The manifest itself is provided by a separate
>   project which will have to become a new dependency for the Cygwin and
>   MinGW projects.
> Cheers
>   Nick

Well, I am a bit concerned about the position of the manifest-object.
What will actually happen, if user specifies an user-specific
manifest-object.  Will the default one, if present, be ignored, or
will it be still linked?


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