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Re: [PATCH v2] libstdc++: Add hexfloat/defaultfloat io manipulators.

On 16/04/14 14:26 +0900, Luke Allardyce wrote:
Also the old standard seems to require that ios_base::fixed |
ios_base::scientific (or any other combination) falls through to the
uppercase test; I was trying to use abi_tag for a solution as not only
would two versions of _S_format_float be necessary, but also num_get
due to the pre-instantiated templates for <char> and <wchar>, which
led me to It might
just be more trouble than it's worth.

I don't think we need to worry about that, if I understand correctly
the combination of fixed|scientific has unspecified behaviour in
C++03, so we can make our implementation do exactly what it does in

It seems to me that it is well defined, going from  [lib.facet.num.put.virtuals]

6 All tables used in describing stage 1 are ordered. That is, the first line whose condition is true applies.
A line without a condition is the default behavior when none of the earlier lines apply.

So fixed|scientific would be equivalent to specifying neither
according to table 58, and the resulting specifier would be %g or %G
depending on whether uppercase is set or not.

Thanks, I was wrong about that.

Then I think we should just bite the bullet and provide the new
behaviour. If we do have an abi_tag on those types in the next release
then we can preserve the old behaviour in the old ABI and use the
C++11 semantics for the abi_tagged type, which will be used for both
C++03 and C++11 code. I am not too concerned that people who use a
meaningless modifier in C++03 code get the C++11 behaviour. If they
really want %g or %G then they shouldn't use fixed|scientific.

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