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Re: [DOC PATCH] Rewrite docs for inline asm

On Sun, 13 Apr 2014, dw wrote:
> So, how about this:
> 1) I put the (rephrased) text and examples at the end of "Local Reg Vars" page
> (starts with "Sometimes"):
> 2) In the constraint paragraph for both Input and Output, I added this: "If
> you must use a specific register, but your Machine Constraints do not provide
> sufficient control to select the specific register you want, Local Reg Vars
> may provide a solution (@pxref{Local Reg Vars})."
> Acceptable?

Yes, nice, thank you!

> Anything else?  Or time to re-post the patch to the list?

Better re-post the updated patch.

> > But, speaking of that, I
> > can't find anyone mentioning the copyright issue.

> It would be a bummer to just find out about this now, but fortunately Jonathan
> Wakely and Ian Lance Taylor already helped walk me thru all this copyright
> stuff.

Congratulations for having been through that!

> I can't see the copyright.list to which you are referring, but the email I
> received from Donald Robertson at FSF on August 7, 2013 stated "Your
> assignment/disclaimer process with the FSF is currently complete."
> My name is David Wohlferd (it was in the changelog).  If I'm not on the
> official list, please let me know how to proceed.

No worries, you are there.

brgds, H-P

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