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Re: [Patch]Simplify SUBREG with operand whose target bits are cleared by AND operation

> I find the GCC function simplify_subreg fails to simplify rtx (subreg:SI
> (and:DI (reg/v:DI 115 [ a ]) (const_int 4294967295 [0xffffffff])) 4) to zero
> during the fwprop1 pass, considering the fact that the high 32-bit part of
> (a & 0xFFFFFFFF) is zero. This leads to some unnecessary multiplications
> for high 32-bit part of the result of AND operation. The attached patch is
> trying to improve simplify_rtx to handle such case. Other target like x86
> seems hasn't such issue because it generates different RTX to handle 64bit
> multiplication on a 32bit machine.

See for another try,
which led to the simplification in combine.c:combine_simplify_rtx line 5448.

Your variant is both more general, because it isn't restricted to the lowpart, 
and less general, because it is artificially restricted to AND.

Some remarks:
 - this needs to be restricted to non-paradoxical subregs,
 - you need to test HWI_COMPUTABLE_MODE_P (innermode),
 - you need to test !side_effects_p (op).

I think we need to find a common ground between Jakub's patch and yours and 
put a single transformation in simplify_subreg.

Eric Botcazou

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