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[PATCH][2/3] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

Here is the second patch in the series. Its purpose is to extend the current bswap
optimization to handle bitwise operations on memory sources (array and
structures). This patch extends the concept of symbolic number used in the
bswap pass to memorize some extra informations for bitwise operations on
memory source: base of the access (beginning of the array or structure), offset
to the base and size of the access. All the logic to work on memory source is in
how to merge two symbolic numbers into one according to the offsets of the
two initial symbolic number and the target endianness: the symbolic number
with bigger offset would see its values incremented on a little endian machine.

Note that as it stands the patch does not work for arrays indexed with variable
(such a tab[a] || (tab[a+1] << 8)) because fold_const does not fold (a + 1) - a. If it
was found that some software uses that, adding a new folding would make this
code cover more cases. This patch also adds a few testcases to check both (i) that
the optimization works as expected and (ii) that the result are correct.

The ChangeLog are as follows:

*** gcc/ChangeLog ***

2014-04-01  Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	PR tree-optimization/54733
	* tree-ssa-math-opts.c (find_bswap_1): Add support for memory source.
	(find_bswap): Likewise.
	(execute_optimize_bswap): Likewise.

*** gcc/testsuite/ChangeLog ***

2014-04-01  Thomas Preud'homme  <>

	PR tree-optimization/54733
	* gcc.dg/optimize-bswapdi-3.c: New test to check extension of bswap
	optimization to support memory sources.
	* gcc.dg/optimize-bswaphi-1.c: Likewise.
	* gcc.dg/optimize-bswapsi-2.c: Likewise.
	* gcc.c-torture/execute/bswap-2.c: Likewise.

Is this ok for stage 1?

Best regards,


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