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**ping**2 - Re: PR c++/58567: Fix ICE on invalid code with -fopenmp in cp/pt.c

Re: -Og bug?

-Og bug? (was: [PATCH] libsanitizer demangling using cp-demangle.c)

Re: -Og bug? (was: [PATCH] libsanitizer demangling using cp-demangle.c)

Re: : [PATCH, reginfo.c, i386.c] Backport fix for PR58139 to 4.8

[jit] Eliminate the code-creation callback

[AArch64 Documentation] Clarify meaning of -mcpu, -mtune, -march

[AArch64, Committed] Fix sfp-machine.h _FP_I_TYPE definition.

[AArch64, Committed] Fix symbol classification logic.

[AArch64] big.LITTLE option rewriting bug

[AArch64] Define BE loader name.

[AArch64] Fix behaviour of -mcpu option to match ARM.

[AArch64] fix big.LITTLE spec rewriting

[AArch64] Make -mcpu, -march and -mtune case-insensitive.

Re: [AArch64] Peepholes to generate ldp and stp instructions

[aarch64] PR target/59780 Fix aarch64_split_128bit_move

[AARCH64][PATCH] PR59695

[Ada] 'use all type' syntax error

[Ada] Abstract views of states and variables

[Ada] Add flags for front-end (internal change only)

[Ada] Add restrictions to the use of s-tposen

[Ada] Adjust internal flags for Do_Discrminant_Check

[Ada] Allow raise expression in return statement

[Ada] Allow to extend a project imported only by extended projects

[Ada] Analyze instance with SPARK_Mode at point of instantiation

[Ada] Aspects Depends and Global on subprogram body stubs

[Ada] Assign and Copy do not work for ordered and hashed maps

[Ada] Better handling of exponentiation range check

[Ada] Change SPARK_Mode into GNATprove_Mode, and avoid expansion

[Ada] Check SPARK restriction on recursive call

[Ada] Check that Storage_Pool/Storage_Size not both given for same entity

[Ada] Cleanup of aspect/pragma Refined_Post

[Ada] Crash on constant declaration with variable size with generics

[Ada] Crash with big strings in System.OS_Lib.Normalize_Pathname

[Ada] Discriminant checks on view conversions

[Ada] Do not assume that a volatile variable is valid

[Ada] Do not service entries after a protected function call (with -gnatp).

[Ada] Document check flags use in semantic analysis and expander

[Ada] Duplicate projects not detected

[Ada] Early finalization of temporary variable when using -gnatE

[Ada] Eliminate false positives on "no entities ..." message

[Ada] Enabling assertions in predefined units

[Ada] Expression functions as fully private protected operations

[Ada] Failure to detect redeclaration of constant with initial aggregate value

[Ada] Fix alignment of array aggregates

[Ada] Fix crash for bad Depends operand

[Ada] Fix detection of unmodified variables in -gnatc mode

[Ada] Fix error with pragma Linker_Section

[Ada] Fix function Prj.Env.Ada_Objects_Path

[Ada] Fix incorrect reason in exception information for range check

[Ada] Fix irregularity in tree generated for SPARK

[Ada] Fix latent issues with thin pointers

[Ada] Fix PR ada/59772

[Ada] Fix problem in save/restore of SPARK_Mode

[Ada] Fix problem with misclassification of references

[Ada] Fix problem with run-time library units and SPARK mode

[Ada] Fix slight discrepancy between fat and thin pointers

[Ada] Fix some missing cases of floating-point validity checks

[Ada] Free debug flags used for GNATprove mode

[Ada] Fully initialized types

[Ada] Generate optimized code for protected subprograms if no exceptions.

[Ada] Generated name of task that is a record component

[Ada] gnatmake, aggregate and aggregate library projects

[Ada] Handle new inequality errors in Ada 2012 more completely

[Ada] Implement new rules for pragma SPARK_Mode

[Ada] Implement SPARK_05 rule about calls before bodies

[Ada] Improved error message for invalid concatenation operands.

[Ada] Improved handling of semicolon instead of colon after label

[Ada] Include constant objects in SPARK cross references

[Ada] Indicator Part_Of

[Ada] Memory corruption in GNAT.Array_Split (and String_Split)

[Ada] Minor code reorganization

[Ada] Missing error for derived task not overriding primitive

[Ada] Missing finalization of transient result with exception

[Ada] Missing return statement is illegal in GNATprove mode

[Ada] New pragma Allow_Integer_Address

[Ada] Only functions can have Ghost convention

[Ada] Pass in Out param with Default_Value aspect

[Ada] Preliminary work to support ARM unwinder

[Ada] Protect against potentially uninitialized source information

[Ada] Refined external states

[Ada] Refinements for pragma Allow_Integer_Address

[Ada] Remove AUTO mode for SPARK_Mode pragma

[Ada] Remove Complete_Single_Entry_Body

[Ada] Remove obsolete mode Full_Expander_Active

[Ada] Remove special case in GNATprove mode that ignored potential errors

[Ada] Remove unused node N_Subprogram_Info

[Ada] Restrictions on 'Old in a postcondition.

[Ada] Semantic checks on iterator specifications.

[Ada] Spurious visibility error for operator in pre-condition

[Ada] Spurious visibility error with nlined subprogram in with-clauses

[Ada] Synchronization of SPARK implementation against reference manual

[Ada] Test SPARK_Mode instead of GNATProve_Mode for warnings

[Ada] Turn off SPARK_Mode for generated subprograms

[Ada] Unchecked_Deallocation fails to free a class-wide object

[Ada] Uniform trees for certain aspects and corresponding source pragmas

[Ada] Update spec for Compile_Time_Known_Value

[Ada] Visibility issue for expanded name in a proper body

[Ada] Visiblity of formals of formal packages in an instance

[Ada] Warn on barrier functions that depend on global data

[Ada] Work on pragma SPARK_Mode

Re: [ARM 1/5 big.LITTLE] Add driver support for rewriting -mcpu names

[ARM Documentation] Clarify -mcpu, -mtune, -march

Re: [ARM] add armv7ve support

[ARM] fix big.LITTLE spec rewriting

Re: [ARM] Fix incorrect restore of FP registers in nested APCS frame

[ARM] Make -mcpu, -march and -mtune case-insensitive

[build, libgcc] Ensure libgcc_s unwinder is always used on 64-bit Solaris 10+/x86 (PR target/59788)

[build] PR 43538: Don't overwrite CXXFLAGS_FOR_TARGET in config/mt-gnu

Re: [buildrobot] [PATCH] Fix redefinition of BITS_PER_UNIT

Re: [buildrobot] [PATCH] Fix redefinition of BITS_PER_UNIT (was: nios2 port committed)

[C PATCH] Disallow subtracting pointers to empty structs (PR c/58346)

[C PATCH] Don't leak C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPRs into GIMPLE (PR c/59891)

[C PATCH] Don't pedwarn for C99/C11 enum bit-fields (PR c/57773)

[C PATCH] Improve locinfo a bit (PR c/59846)

[C PATCH] Improve locinfo for function arguments (PR c/59963)

[C PATCH] Improve locinfo in the C FE (PR c/59940)

[C PATCH] Preevaluate rhs for lhs op= rhs in C (PR c/58943)

[C PATCH] Warn about unused RHS of COMPOUND_EXPR (PR c/59871)

[C++ PATCH] Don't segv in cvt.c (PR c++/59838)

[C++ PATCH] Emit array initialization from ctor as loop if possible (PR c++/59659)

Re: [C++ Patch] Fix __is_base_of vs incomplete types

[C++ patch] for c++/37140

[C++ Patch] PR 51219

[C++ Patch] PR 57524

[C++ Patch] PR 58072

[C++ Patch] PR 58649

[C++ Patch] PR 58672

[C++ Patch] PR 58674

[C++ Patch] PR 58843

[C++ Patch] PR 58846

[C++ Patch] PR 58980

[C++ Patch] PR 59082

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 59165 (aka Core/1442)

[C++ Patch] PR 59269

[C++ Patch] PR 59270

[C++ patch] PR 59482

[C++ RFC/Patch] PR 58561

[C++ testcase, committed] PR 59730

Re: [C++,doc] vector conditional expression

[C++] Advertise -fext-numeric-literals in error messages

[C++] Fix endianness of character argument packs

[C++] PR58950: warn for unused __builtin_shuffle result

[C++] PR59378: __builtin_shuffle in templates

Re: [C++] PR59641: error recovery in vector condition

[C++] sfinae implicit-explicit construction

Re: [C,C++] integer constants in attribute arguments

[Committed, AArch64] Fix a couple of white space nits.

[COMMITTED] [PATCH] fixed pr59651 & new test case

[committed] Fix #pragma omp atomic/atomic reductions (PR libgomp/59194)

[committed] Fix length of long non-pic millicode calls on PA

[committed] Fix long call support for indirect calls on hppa

[committed] Fix one issue reported by valgrind (PR other/58712)

[committed] Fix OpenMP reduction with _Complex vars (PR middle-end/58809)

[committed] Fix PR target/59652: reload problem for 14-bit register offsets

[committed] Fix PR59846 test

[committed] Fix predcom (PR tree-optimization/59745)

[committed] Fix up comment in test

[committed] Fix vect_analyze_data_refs (PR middle-end/59670)

[committed] Fix vect_intness in a few tests

[committed] Honza's alias/weakref fix (PR c++/57945)

[committed] hppa: Use indirect long call to non-local functions when generating 32-bit code

[committed] PATCH: Fix a comment typo in ix86_split_lea_for_addr

[Committed] S/390: expand_tbegin remove jump over cc extraction

[Committed] S/390: Fix BZ 59803.

[committed] Skip run/compile on hppa*-*-* for various tests that fail with a branch of one

[committed] Slightly improve some indirect call sequences on PA

[committed] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: define __GCC_HAVE_SYNX_COMPARE_AND_SWAP_<n>

[committed] TILE-Gx/TILEPro: prefetch scheduling fix.

[committed] TILE-Gx: bundling fix for stack protector patterns.

[committed] TILE-Gx: fix atomic_fetch_sub pattern.

[committed] TILE-Gx: fix pic code generation issue.

[committed] TILE-Gx: implement 16-byte alignment for __int128 types.

[committed] TILEPro/TILE-Gx: add __sync intrinsics to libgcc.

[committed] TILEPro/TILE-Gx: fix atomic.c for big endian.

[committed] TILEPro/TILE-Gx: fix atomic_nand_and_fetch in libgcc.

[committed] TILEPro/TILE-Gx: fix include file issue in atomic.c.

[committed] TILEPro: fix ctzdi2, clzdi2, and ffsdi2 patterns.

[committed][PATCH AArch64_BE] Big-Endian lane numbering fix

[GCC, ARM] Backport trunk fix to 4.8 branch to properly handle rtx of ARM PLD instruction

[GCC, ARM] Backport trunk patch to 4.8 to reclassify ARM preload insn

Re: [gofrontend-dev] libgo patch committed: Fix 32-bit memory allocation

[gomp4 1/6] During gimplification, allow additional flags next to ORT_TARGET.

[gomp4 2/6] Prepare for extending omp_clause_map_kind.

[gomp4 3/6] Initial support for OpenACC memory mapping semantics.

[gomp4 4/6] C front end infrastructure for OpenACC clauses parsing.

[gomp4 5/6] Initial support in the C front end for OpenACC data clauses.

[gomp4 6/6] Enable initial support in the C front end for OpenACC data clauses.

[gomp4] Generalize mapping functions for future OpenACC runtime library usage.

[gomp4] Initial support for OpenACC data clauses

[gomp4] Merge trunk r206958 (was: gomp-4_0-branch)

Re: [gomp4] OpenACC structured blocks (was: PING: Fwd: Re: [patch] implement Cilk Plus simd loops on trunk)

Re: [GOMP4] Patch to add option for offloading

Re: [GOMP4][PATCH] SIMD-enabled functions (formerly Elemental functions) for C++

[Google gcc-4_8] always emit __gcov_get_profile_prefix when linking libgcov.a

[google gcc-4_8] backport libgcov re-factoring patches from trunk

[google gcc-4_8] gcov-tool: some new LIPO supports.

[google gcc-4_8] gcov-tools: minor fix for broken build for arm

[google gcc-4_8] port gcov-tool to gcc-4_8

[google gcc-4_8] Tree Loop Unrolling - Relax code size increase with -O2

[GOOGLE] Adjust profile for AutoFDO

[GOOGLE] Builtins handling in IVOPT

[GOOGLE] don't overwrite precomputed loop bound in AutoFDO

[GOOGLE] Handle integer overflow in unroller code size limit computation

[GOOGLE] Move LIPO linking before profile annotation

[GOOGLE] Remove mod_id_to_name map

[GOOGLE] Restrict the count_scale to be no larger than 100%

[google][4.8] Add more inexpensive debug checks to vector, bitvector, deque

[jit] Add contrib/jit-coverage-report.py


[jit] Add gcc_jit_function_add_comment

[jit] Add libgccjit++.h, a C++ wrapper to the API

[jit] Add set_options function to the testsuite

[jit] Add test case for a client that adds nothing to a gcc_jit_context

[jit] Add type-checking and strings to help with debugging

[jit] API change: access fields via (gcc_jit_field *) rather than by name

[jit] Check argument types within gcc_jit_context_new_call

[jit] Check that code labels are placed exactly once

[jit] Fix accidental removal of GCC_JIT_BOOL_OPTION_DUMP_GENERATED_CODE

[jit] Fix how locals are created; add BIND_EXPR

[jit] Implement nested jit-compilation contexts

[jit] Introduce add_stmt helper method.


[jit] Support floating-point division; add test-quadratic.c

[jit] Use access methods for context options

[jit] Verify argument counts within gcc_jit_context_new_call

[libgfortran] Some minor fix-ups committed

[MIPS, committed] Add -ffat-lto-objects to pr54240.c

[MIPS, committed] Adding missing register move costs for M16_REGS

[MIPS, committed] Backport bswap patches to 4.8

[MIPS, committed] Fix all but one gcc.dg/tree-ssa failure

[MIPS, committed] Fix LO liveness in MIPS16 divmod patterns

[MIPS, committed] Revert some Octeon BADDU patches

[MIPS] Tweak options for umips-branch-4.c

[msp430] add -minrt

[msp430] fix call-via-sp and epilogue helper patterns

[msp430] more new libgloss feature support

Re: [PATCH #2] PR59909, Fix powerpcle64 power8 bootstrap (quad memory support)

[PATCH - obvious] Remove unused create_gimple_tmp declaration

[PATCH 1/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 2/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 3/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 4/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 5/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 6/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[PATCH 7/6] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

Re: [Patch AArch64] Implement Vector Permute Support

[PATCH AArch64_BE 1/4] Big-Endian lane numbering fix

[PATCH AArch64_BE 2/4] Big-Endian lane numbering fix

[PATCH AArch64_BE 3/4] Big-Endian lane numbering fix

[PATCH AArch64_BE 4/4] Big-Endian lane numbering fix

[patch cygwin64]: Fix building *-*-cygwin* target cross-compilers

[PATCH i386 10/8] [AVX512] Add missing AVX-512ER patterns, intrinsics, tests.

Re: [PATCH i386 11/8] [AVX512] [1/2] Rename vmov* intrinsics according to EAS.

Re: [PATCH i386 11/8] [AVX512] [2/2] Add missing packed PF gathers/scatters.

[PATCH i386 11/8] [AVX512] Add missing packed PF gathers/scatters, rename load/store.

Re: [PATCH i386 4/8] [AVX512] [6/8] Add substed patterns: `sae' subst.

Re: [PATCH i386 5/8] [AVX-512] Extend vectorizer hooks.

Re: [PATCH i386 8/8] [AVX-512] Add SHA support.

[PATCH i386 AVX-512] Fix conditions for 2 patterns.


[PATCH v2] RTEMS: Generalize t-rtems usage

[PATCH, 4.8, PR 59610] More optimize guards in ipa-prop.c

[PATCH, AArch64 0/7] TImode and longlong.h improvements

[PATCH, AArch64 1/6] aarch64: Add addti3 and subti3 patterns

[PATCH, AArch64 2/6] aarch64: Add mulditi3 and umulditi3 patterns

[PATCH, AArch64 3/6] aarch64: Add multi3 pattern

[PATCH, AArch64 4/6] soft-fp: Commonize creation of TImode types

[PATCH, AArch64 5/6] soft-fp: Define UDWtype for longlong.h

[PATCH, AArch64 6/6] aarch64: Define add_ssaaaa, sub_ddmmss, umul_ppmm

[PATCH, AARCH64] : Fix target/59744 - invalid use of CMN

[PATCH, aarch64] Fix cost calculation for MADD

[PATCH, AARCH64] MULTIARCH_DIRNAME breaks multiarch build

Re: [Patch, AArch64] Relax CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS.

[PATCH, AArch64] Use GCC builtins to count leading/tailing zeros

[PATCH, AArch64] Use llfloor and llceil for vcvtmd_s64_f64 and vcvtpd_s64_f64 in arm_neon.h

Re: [PATCH, ARM, v2] Fix PR target/59142: internal compiler error while compiling OpenCV 2.4.7

Re: [Patch, ARM] check value of --with-arch against arm-arches.def

[PATCH, ARM] Fix ICE in arm_expand_neon_args

[PATCH, ARM] Fix two IT issues

[PATCH, ARM] ICE when building kernel raid6 neon code

[PATCH, ARM] Suppress Redundant Flag Setting for Cortex-A15

[PATCH, ARM][PING] Reintroduce minipool ranges for zero-extension insn patterns

[Patch, bfin/c6x] Fix ICE for backends that rely on reorder_loops.

[Patch, cilk, C++] Fix cilk testsuite failure

[Patch, committed, Darwin] fix pr bootstrap/59541

[PATCH, committed] error in target-supports function for Cilk keywords test

[PATCH, committed] Fix for PR 58996

[PATCH, committed] Fix for PR 59094

Re: [PATCH, committed] Fix PR 57422

[PATCH, committed] Replace flag_enable_cilkplus with flag_cilkplus

[PATCH, committed] rs6000 builtins for FPSCR

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix buglet in cpp.c

Re: [Patch, Fortran, committed] PR 59612: iso_fortran_env segfaults with -fdump-fortran-original

Re: [Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 59547: Problem with using tbp specification function in multiple class procedures

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 59589: [4.9 Regression] Memory leak when deallocating polymorphic

[Patch, Fortran, OOP] PR 59654: [4.8/4.9 Regression] Broken function table with complex OO use case

[Patch, Fortran] PR 58026: Bad error recovery for allocatable component of undeclared type

[Patch, Fortran] PR 58182: [4.9 Regression] ICE with global binding name used as a FUNCTION

Re: [Patch, Fortran] PR 59023: [4.9 regression] ICE in gfc_search_interface with BIND(C)

Re: [Patch, fortran] PR34547 - [4.8/4.9 regression] NULL(): Fortran 2003 changes, accepts invalid, ICE on invalid

[Patch, fortran] PR58007: unresolved fixup hell

[Patch, fortran] PR59414 [4.8/4.9 Regression] [OOP] ICE in in gfc_conv_expr_descriptor on ALLOCATE inside SELECT TYPE

[PATCH, go]: Skip some go tests

Re: [Patch, i386] Separate Intel processor with expanded ISA

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR59685, ICE with -march=bdver1 -mavx512f

[PATCH, i386]: Reorder some code in ix86_adjust_cost

[PATCH, i386]: Use VALID_AVX256_REG_OR_OI_MODE some more

[Patch, libgfortran] PR59700 and PR59764 Misleading/buggy runtime error message

[Patch, libgfortran] PR59771, PR59774, and PR59836 Bugs in FORMATs Fw.0, Gw.0, and Gw.d

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add __builtin_trap instruction pattern

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Add TARGET_ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK to support varargs thunk

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Fix bswaphi2 implementation

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Fix ICE with mhard-float

Re: [Patch, microblaze]: Remove SECONDARY_MEMORY_NEEDED

[Patch, MIPS, testsuite] Checking in obvious testsuite patch

[PATCH, nios2, committed] PR59784, fextsd asm output fix

Re: [PATCH, PR 57363] IBM long double: adding qNaN and number raises inexact exception

[PATCH, PR 59008] Fix wrong type of param_index in ipcp_discover_new_direct_edges

[PATCH, PR 59736] Fix an IPA-CP issue with de-speculation

Re: [PATCH, preprocessor] Fix 56896

[PATCH, reginfo.c, i386.c] Backport fix for PR58139 to 4.8

[PATCH, rs6000] Avoid optimization problem for VEC_PERM_EXPR

[PATCH, rs6000] Change rs6000 into SWITCHABLE_TARGET

[PATCH, rs6000] Clean up mergeh/mergel patterns to avoid missed optimizations

[PATCH, rs6000] Don't emit profile code for procedures marked no_instrument_function

[PATCH, rs6000] Handle -maltivec=be on little endian for vec_sums

[PATCH, rs6000] Honor -fno-ira-loop-pressure

[PATCH, rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_mergeh and vec_mergel Altivec builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_splat builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Support -maltivec=be in LE mode for vec_perm builtin

[PATCH, SH] fix builtin_strncmp

[PATCH, SH] Improve builtin strnlen for small lengths

[Patch, SMS] Fix a potential bug of schedule_reg_moves of SMS

[Patch, testsuite, mips] Fix test gcc.dg/delay-slot-1.c for MIPS

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix g++.dg/debug/ra1.C

[PATCH, testsuite]: g++.dg/pr49718.C: Add "-mno-explicit-relocs" for alpha*-*-* targets.

[Patch, xtensa] Add LOCAL_REGNO to the xtensa backend.

[Patch, xtensa] Add section anchor support for the xtensa backend.

[Patch,AArch64] Support SISD variants of SCVTF,UCVTF

[Patch,ARM] crypto intrinsics in AArch32 testsuite fix

Re: [Patch,avr]: Fix wrong warning PR59396

[PATCH,rs6000,committed] Fix pasto in rs6000-builtin.def

[PATCH,rs6000,committed] Remove duplicates from altivec_overloaded_builtins

[PATCH,rs6000] Add -maltivec={le,be} options

[PATCH,rs6000] Add tests for vec_insert and vec_extract implemented with VSX instructions

[PATCH,rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_insert and vec_extract Altivec intrinsics

[PATCH,rs6000] Implement -maltivec=be for vec_mule and vec_mulo Altivec intrinsics

Re: [Patch,testsuite] Fix testcases that use bind_pic_locally

[PATCH/AARCH64] Add issue_rate tuning field

[PATCH/AARCH64] Fix register cost for moving to/from stack registers

Re: [PATCH] Final removal of mudflap

[PATCH] [doc] Update plugin doc

[PATCH] [GOMP4] OpenACC 1.0+ support in fortran front-end

[patch] [plugin] Fix PR 59335 plugin build

RE: [PATCH] _Cilk_for for C and C++

Re: [PATCH] Add -march=bdw support

[PATCH] add __attribute__ ((designated_init))

[PATCH] Add location_t printer to gdbinit.in


[PATCH] Add zero-overhead looping for xtensa backend

[patch] Adjust some libstdc++ tests

[PATCH] Allocate all target globals using GC for SWITCHABLE_TARGETs

Re: [PATCH] Allow building if libsanitizer on RHEL5 (i.e. with 2.6.18-ish kernel headers, take 2)

[PATCH] Avoid -Wunused-macros warning for #pragma GCC target added macros (PR target/58944)

[Patch] Avoid gcc_assert in libgcov

[PATCH] Avoid introducing undefined behavior in sccp (PR tree-optimization/59387)

[PATCH] Bump LTO bytecode revision

[PATCH] Change i?86/x86_64 into SWITCHABLE_TARGET (PR58115)

[PATCH] Change i?86/x86_64 into SWITCHABLE_TARGET (PR58115, take 2)

[PATCH] Diagnose pr54694

Re: [PATCH] Do not set flag_complex_method to 2 for C++ by default.

Re: [PATCH] Documentation for dump and optinfo output

[PATCH] Don't combine across likely spilled hard reg setters (PR rtl-optimization/59477)

[PATCH] Don't COND_EXEC frame related instructions (PR target/59923)

[PATCH] Don't count asm goto for 4 branch limit optimization (PR target/59625)

[PATCH] Don't fold zero-sized elements (PR c/58346)

[PATCH] Don't ICE on invalid array types (PR middle-end/59827)

[PATCH] Don't ignore write/write DDR_REVERSED_P dependencies (PR tree-optimization/59594)

[PATCH] Don't perform the REGNO != REGNO REE for modes other than scalar integral (PR rtl-optimization/59754)

[PATCH] Don't run tsan tests if a trivial test doesn't work

[PATCH] Don't segv in omp-low.c (PR middle-end/59669)

[PATCH] Don't warn with -Waggressive-loop-optimizations multiple times about the same loop (PR middle-end/59561)

[PATCH] Fix __builtin_setjmp handling (PR tree-optimization/60003)

[patch] fix a couple of std::allocator_traits bugs

[PATCH] Fix a nonfatal build error

[PATCH] FIx a valgrind reported issue in build tools (PR other/58712)

[PATCH] Fix ARM dwarf2cfi ICE and unwind info issues (PR target/59575)

[PATCH] Fix bootstrap/59934

[PATCH] Fix cfgcleanup regression (PR rtl-optimization/59724)

[PATCH] Fix check_effective_target_avx512f

[PATCH] Fix comment typo

[PATCH] Fix crossing jumps in functions with forced_labels (PR rtl-optimization/57763)

[PATCH] Fix ctor_for_folding related expansion ICE (PR middle-end/58344)

[PATCH] Fix devirtualization ICE (PR tree-optimization/59622, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix devirtualization ICE (PR tree-optimization/59622, take 3)

[PATCH] Fix devirtualization ICE (PR tree-optimization/59622, take 5)

[PATCH] Fix DF sub-CFG analysis slowness (PR39326)

[patch] fix doc header in contrib/mklog

[patch] fix docs (libstdc++/59698, libstdc++/59687, libstdc++/59699)

[PATCH] Fix for PR 59524

[PATCH] fix for PR 59825

[PATCH] Fix for PR57316 (avoid building sanitizer on old kernels)

Re: [PATCH] Fix for PR57698

[PATCH] Fix for PR59600

[PATCH] Fix gather expansion (PR target/59839)

[patch] Fix gcc.target/arm/thumb-cbranchqi.c.

[PATCH] Fix get_mode_bounds for BImode (PR rtl-optimization/59649)

[PATCH] Fix handling of context diff patches in mklog

Re: [PATCH] Fix ifcvt (PR rtl-optimization/58668)

[PATCH] Fix ipa references removal

[patch] fix libstdc++/21609 - deprecate __gnu_cxx::array_allocator

[patch] fix libstdc++/56267 - local iterator requirements

[patch] fix libstdc++/57266 - pretty printer docs

[patch] fix libstdc++/58764

[patch] fix libstdc++/59215

[patch] fix libstdc++/59548

[patch] fix libstdc++/59656

[patch] fix libstdc++/59680

[patch] fix libstdc++/59872

[PATCH] Fix PCH on AArch64 (PR pch/60010)

[PATCH] Fix PR 58960

[PATCH] Fix PR 59631

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/59629

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/59635

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/59636

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/59638

[Patch] Fix PR plugin/59335, plugins not compiling

[PATCH] Fix PR45586

[PATCH] Fix PR46590

[PATCH] Fix PR49718 : allow no_instrument_function attribute in class member definition/declaration

[PATCH] Fix PR57386 for 4.8/4.9 on powerpc

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR58115

Re: [PATCH] fix PR58602 (.gcno files not truncated at gcov_close)

[PATCH] Fix PR58742

[PATCH] Fix PR59374 for real

[PATCH] Fix PR59471

[PATCH] Fix PR59630

[PATCH] Fix PR59715

[PATCH] Fix PR59802, LCM compile-time slowness

[PATCH] Fix PR59822

[PATCH] Fix PR59890, improve var-tracking compile-time

[PATCH] Fix PR59903

[PATCH] Fix PR59951

[PATCH] Fix PR59990

[PATCH] Fix PR59993

[Patch] Fix regex `nosubs` correctly

[Patch] Fix regex multiple consecutive quantifiers bug.

[PATCH] Fix remainder of PR58742

[PATCH] Fix segfault in FRE during SCC value numbering

[PATCH] Fix slpeel_update_phi_nodes_for_guard1 ICE (PR tree-optimization/59519)

[PATCH] Fix test case vect-nop-move.c

[patch] Fix typo in comment

[PATCH] Fix typo in docs

Re: [PATCH] Fix unaligned access generated by IVOPTS

[PATCH] FIx up ANNOTATE_EXPR gimplification (PR middle-end/59706)

[PATCH] Fix up cprop to canonicalize PLUS/MINUS with 2 CONSTANT_P arguments (PR rtl-optimization/57915)

[PATCH] Fix up expand_small_movmem_or_setmem (PR target/59003)

[PATCH] Fix up gen-vect-32.c testcase (PR testsuite/58776)

[PATCH] Fix up ipa-prop caused -fcompare-debug failures (PR ipa/59722)

[PATCH] Fix up ivdep/do concurrent testcases (PR testsuite/59064)

[PATCH] Fix up ix86_avoid_lea_for_addr (PR target/59880)

[PATCH] Fix up my recent PR59501 i?86 changes (PR target/59644)

[PATCH] Fix up vect/fast-math-mgrid-resid.f testcase (PR testsuite/59494)

[PATCH] Fix up vectorizer DDR_REVERSED_P handling (PR tree-optimization/59594, take 2)

[PATCH] Fix use-after-return-1.c

[PATCH] fixed pr59651 & new test case

Re: [PATCH] Fixing PR59006 and PR58921 by delaying loop invariant hoisting in vectorizer.

Re: [PATCH] Fixing PR60000: A bug in the vectorizer.

[PATCH] Handle NAMELIST_DECLs in tree-nested (PR fortran/59440)

[PATCH] i?86 unaligned/aligned load improvement for AVX512F

[PATCH] Ignore DECL_ALIGN of SSA_NAME underlying decls for dynamic stack realignment (PR middle-end/47735)


[PATCH] Improve EDGE_ABNORMAL construction (PR middle-end/59917, tree-optimization/59920)

[PATCH] Introduce MODE_SIZE mode attribute

[patch] libbacktrace: add support for --disable-werror

[PATCH] libgcc: use linker script for libgcc_s.so on xtensa

Re: [Patch] libgcov.c re-factoring

[PATCH] libiberty: fix --enable-install-libiberty flag [PR 56780]

Re: [PATCH] libsanitizer demangling using cp-demangle.c

[PATCH] longlong.h: Add prototype for udiv_w_sdiv

[PATCH] m68k: properly handle double word push for all registers

Re: [patch] make the libstdc++ pretty printers compatible with both Python 2 and Python3

[PATCH] MIPS: improve Loongson-2E/2F/3A detection for -march=native

[PATCH] More LCM speedup

[PATCH] offline gcda profile processing tool

Re: [patch] Pass -fuse-ld=gold to gccgo on targets supporting -fsplit-stack

[Patch] Patch set for regex instantiation

[PATCH] pch bug fix (take 2, PR pch/59436)

Re: [Patch] PR55189 enable -Wreturn-type by default

Re: [patch] PR56572 flatten unnecessary nested transactions after inlining

[PATCH] PR59844, Fix gcc 4.9 power8 -O3 little endian direct move paterns

[PATCH] PR59909, Fix powerpcle64 power8 bootstrap (quad memory support)

RE: [PATCH] preprocessor/58580 - preprocessor goes OOM with warning for zero literals

Fwd: [PATCH] Prevent crash when expand movstr fail when movstr pattern is defined

[patch] proposed fix for libstdc++/59829

[PATCH] Reduce compile-time for -Og

Re: [patch] regcprop fix for PR rtl-optimization/54300

[Patch] Regex bracket matcher cache optimization

[PATCH] register CALL_INSN_FUNCTION_USAGE in find_all_hard_reg_sets

[Patch] Remove references to non-existent tree-flow.h file

[PATCH] remove some old code from ansidecl.h

[PATCH] Remove unused ddr_is_anti_dependent, ddrs_have_anti_deps

[PATCH] Reset INSN_DELETED_P when reusing insns in the selective scheduler

[PATCH] RTEMS: Generalize t-rtems usage

[PATCH] S/390: Throw FE_INVALID exception in the fp2int libgcc routines

[PATCH] S/390: Use the libgcc fp2int routine also in the biarch build

[PATCH] Set correct probability for ORDER/UNORDER jumps

[PATCH] Small var-tracking improvement (PR debug/59992)

[PATCH] Strip array types when getting the typename (PR sanitizer/59667)

[PATCH] TILE-Gx: add release note on tilegx big endian support in wwwdocs

[PATCH] TILE-Gx: big endian support

Re: [PATCH] Tiny predcom improvement (PR tree-optimization/59643)

[PATCH] Two small i?86 *intrin* warning fixes

[Patch] Update GCC copyright year in user visible output

[patch] Update libstdc++ FAQ

Re: [PATCH] Use libbacktrace for libsanitizer symbolization (take 2, PR sanitizer/59136)

[PATCH] Vector mode addresses

[PATCH][4.7] Backport Extremely large LPBX arrays fix (PR gcov-profile/55650)

[PATCH][4.8] Backport strict-volatile-bitfields fixes to 4.8

[Patch][AArch64] NEON vdup testcases

[Patch][AArch64] Shift right pattern fix

[PATCH][AArch64] Specify CRC and Crypto support for Cortex-A53, A57

[PATCH][AArch64] Vector shift by 64 fix

[Patch][AArch64] vneg floating point testcase BE fixed

[PATCH][AArch64] Wire up Cortex-A57 rtx costs

[PATCH][ARM] Add Cortex-A57 rtx costs table

[PATCH][ARM] Add CRC32 to the feature flags of Cortex-A53, A57

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Add new cores to t-aprofile

[PATCH][ARM] Fix arm_init_iwmmxt_builtins to handle only iwmmxt entries

[PATCH][ARM] Get mode for rtx costs calculations for SET RTX from destination reg

[PATCH][ARM][committed] Fix typo in arm.h

[PATCH][ARM][committed] Remove useless statement in arm_new_rtx_costs

[PATCH][ARM]Add support for armv7ve into gcc

Re: [PATCH][ARM]Use of vcvt for float to fixed point conversions.

[PATCH][AVX512] Add forgotten intrinsics.

[PATCH][AVX512] Fix rounding operand.

[PATCH][AVX512] Swap Yk and k constraints.

[PATCH][buildrobot] PR59496: Fix unused variable warning

[PATCH][buildrobot] vax: Fix unused variable warning

[PATCH][C] Fix PR59905, remove code replacing calls with abort

[patch][i386] Remove code executed only if reload_in_progress (i.e. never)

Re: [PATCH][IRA] Analysis of register usage of functions for usage by IRA.

[PATCH][PING] Fix for PR59600 (prohibit inlining if no_sanitize_address)

[PATCH][PING] Fix handling of context diff patches in mklog

Re: [PATCH][PING][AArch64] Specify CRC and Crypto support for Cortex-A53, A57

[PATCH][RFC] Fix DF sub-CFG analysis slowness (PR39326)

[PATCH][RFC] Fix PR59860

[PATCH][testsuite] Avoid division by zero.

[PATCH][testsuite][ARM] Properly figure -mfloat-abi option for crypto tests

[PATCH][tree-optimization/59597] Reinstate code to cancel some jump threads

[PING] [PATCH] _Cilk_for for C and C++

[PING] [PATCH] fixed pr59651 & new test case

[PING] [REPOST] Invalid Code when reading from unaligned zero-sized array

[PING] Another build!=host fix

[PING] Fix test case vect-nop-move.c

[ping] Re: [PATCH, AARCH64] MULTIARCH_DIRNAME breaks multiarch build

[PING] Re: [PATCH, AArch64] Use llfloor and llceil for vcvtmd_s64_f64 and vcvtpd_s64_f64 in arm_neon.h

[ping] Re: [patch] Pass -fuse-ld=gold to gccgo on targets supporting -fsplit-stack

[PING] Re: Add const char* constructors for exception classes in <stdexcept>

[Ping]: [RFC] [PATCH, AARCH64] : Using standard patterns for stack protection.

[ping][gomp4] splay tree implementation for future OpenACC runtime library usage.

[PING][GOMP4][PATCH] SIMD-enabled functions (formerly Elemental functions) for C++

[Ping][Patch, trivial] PR 56653: Fix warning when verifying checksums from MD5SUMS file in tarballs

[PING][PATCH]Improving mklog [was: Re: RFC Asan instrumentation control]

[PING]Resolve pr44194-1.c failure by refining scan-rtl-dump-not pattern

Re: [Ping]Two pending IVOPT patches

[PING^2] [PATCH]SIMD-Enabled functions for C++

[PING^2][PATCH] -fuse-caller-save - Implement TARGET_FN_OTHER_HARD_REG_USAGE hook for MIPS

Re: [PING^2][PATCH][2 of 2] RTL expansion for zero sign extension elimination with VRP

[RFA/dwarf v2] Add DW_AT_GNAT_use_descriptive_type flag for Ada units.

[RFA] [PATCH][PR tree-optimization/59749] Fix recently introduced ree bug

[RFA][PATCH] Fix tree-optimization/59919

Re: [RFA][PATCH][middle-end/53623] Improve extension elimination

[RFA][PATCH][PR middle-end/57904][P1 regression] Improve cleanups after copyprop

Re: [RFA][PATCH][PR middle-end/59285] BARRIERS and merged blocks

[RFA][PATCH][PR middle-end/59743] Fix ree improvement when defining insn is after use insn

[RFA][PR 16361] Add warnings for NULL pointer dereferences and such

Re: [RFC, patch] Detect lack of 32-bit devel environment on x86_64-linux targets

[RFC] [PATCH, AARCH64] : Using standard patterns for stack protection.

Re: [RFC] libgcov.c re-factoring and offline profile-tool

[RFC] Move ehcleanup pass to before early SRA

[RFC] Using function clones for Pointer Bounds Checker

Re: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading patches (1/3): Add '-fopenmp_target' option

Re: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading patches (2/3): Add tables generation

Re: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading patches (3/3): Add invocation of target compiler

Re: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading: Add device initialization and host->target function mapping

[rl78] verify clobbers

[testsuite, committed] Fix effective target for ivdep tests

[testsuite, i386] Correctly require C99 support in avx512f tests

[testsuite, i386] Declare fma in gcc.target/i386/pr59390.c

[testsuite, i386] Require avx in gcc.target/i386/pr59501-*.c

[testsuite] Clear hardware capabilities for gcc.dg/vect/vect-simd-clone-*.c

[testsuite] Require -ffat-lto-objects for scan-rtl-dump*

[v3 patch] move comment to right place

[v3] Update Solaris baselines

[wide-int] fixed several regressions in branch.

[wide-int] fixed vector testcases.

[wide-int] resolve bootstrap issue

Re: [WIP][RFC][patch] xlocale support for libstdc++

Allow passing arrays in registers on AArch64

C vs. C++ breakage on 4.7 (was Re: [Patch, fortran] PR58007: unresolved fixup hell)

C++ PATCH for c++/53756 (-g and C++1y auto)

C++ PATCH for c++/54652 (ICE with repeated typedef/attribute)

C++ PATCH for c++/55800 (undefined symbol with thread_local)

C++ PATCH for c++/57043 (wrong partial ordering)

C++ PATCH for c++/58466 (ICE with variadics and partial specialization)

C++ PATCH for c++/58504 (ICE with trait in default template arg)

C++ PATCH for c++/58550 (ICE on invalid 'auto' with LTO)

C++ PATCH for c++/58606 (ICE with partial specialization in variadic template)

C++ PATCH for c++/58632 (ICE with class shadowing template parm)

C++ PATCH for c++/58639 (infinite recursion with {} initialization of self-reference)

C++ PATCH for c++/58672 (ICE with invalid thread_local)

C++ PATCH for c++/58701 (ICE with NSDMI and static anonymous union)

C++ PATCH for c++/58814 (ICE with volatile vector)

C++ PATCH for c++/58837 (ICE on invalid static_assert)

C++ PATCH for c++/58856 (wrong error with alias template)

C++ PATCH for c++/58965 (ICE with NSDMI in static union)

C++ PATCH for c++/59097 (ICE with invalid array bound)

C++ PATCH for c++/59315 (Wunused-3.C with -fno-use-cxa-atexit)

C++ PATCH for c++/59614 (compile hog with lots of templates)

C++ PATCH for c++/59633 (ICE with vector attribute on naming typedef)

C++ PATCH for c++/59646 (ICE with volatile initializer_list)

C++ PATCH for c++/59659 (compile-hog with list-initialization of member array)

C++ PATCH for c++/59707 (ICE with binary operation and template conversion)

C++ PATCH for c++/59791 (ICE with return type mentioning local variable)

C++ PATCH for c++/59818 (wrong overload with PMF)

C++ PATCH for c++/59821 (builtin_LINE in default args)

C++ PATCH for c++/59823 (wrong overload resolution)/DR 1138

C++ PATCH for c++/59916 (wrong missing return warning on ARM)

C++ PATCH for c++/59956 (ICE with friend template)

C++ PATCH for c++/59989 (ICE with variadics)

Re: C++ PATCH to deal with trivial but non-callable [cd]tors

C++ PATCH to mark_decl_instantiated

C++ PATCHes for Core 1288 and c++/58812 (ICE with excess braces)

Commit: MSP430: Add -mcpu= option

Commit: MSP430: Linker script renaming

Committed: skip gcc.dg/pr46309.c for CRIS

Re: configure check for flex

Disable accumulate-outgoing-args for Generic and Buldozers

Do not produce empty try-finally statements

Drop -m32 from pr59099.c

Drop REG_CROSSING_JUMP when converting to a conditional return

experimental testsuite patch

Extend -fstack-protector-strong to cover calls with return slot

Fix 59828 - Broken assembly on ppc* with two -mcpu= options

Fix a dbr_schedule vs. delete_related_insns liveness bug

Fix bootstrap with -mno-accumulate-outgoing-args

Fix build under "make --no-builtin-rules"

Fix compute_reloc_for_constant

Fix IBM long double division inaccuracy (glibc bug 15396)

Fix IBM long double spurious overflows

fix inconsistent install paths between gccgo and go tool

Fix ipa-devirt ICE on virtual inheritance

Fix PR debug/59350

Fix pr/60004

Fix segfault with weak external symbols

Re: Fix tree containers debug mode C++11 allocator awareness

FYI: remove two stray uses of PARAMS

Go patch committed: Add conditional expressions to Go IR

Go patch committed: Add flattening pass

Go patch committed: Convert named types before flattening

Go patch committed: Define Backend_function_type

Go patch committed: Put nointerface methods in unique sections

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for binary expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for interface expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for slice info

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for unary expressions

Handle XOR in canonicalize_condition

Re: How to generate AVX512 instructions now (just to look at them).

ICE in Cilk Plus structured block checker (was: [gomp4] OpenACC structured blocks (was: PING: Fwd: Re: [patch] implement Cilk Plus simd loops on trunk))

Improving mklog [was: Re: RFC Asan instrumentation control]

Inline functions tweeks 1/n

Inline functions tweeks 2/n: bring some heavy functions offline

Re: Issue with _Cilk_for

libgo patch committed: Align variable on 8-byte boundary

libgo patch committed: Don't allocate fd_set on stack

libgo patch committed: Fix 32-bit memory allocation

libgo patch committed: Recognize arm64

libgo patch committed: Remove unused variables

libgo patch committed: Use POSIX functions for os/user on Solaris

Re: libsanitizer merge from upstream r196090

libstdc++ PATCH for c++/41174, c++/59224, Core DR 475

Re: lto-plugin: mismatch between ld's architecture and GCC's configure --host

Re: maybe_fold_stmt (was: [gomp4] #pragma omp target* fixes)

memory leak in reorg_loops

Merge from trunk to gccgo branch

microMIPS jump instructions

Patch committed: Fix ChangeLog entry

Patch ping

Patch ping: [C++ PATCH] Emit array initialization from ctor as loop if possible (PR c++/59659)

patch pings

a patch prototype for PR59535 (THUMB code size regression)

patch to fix PR59477

patch to fix PR59511

patch to fix PR59606

patch to fix PR59835

patch to fix PR59858

patch to fix PR59896

patch to fix PR59915

patch to fix PR59959

PATCH: Add -mlong-double-128 and make it default for 64-bit Bionic


PATCH: PR middle-end/59789: [4.9 Regression] ICE in in convert_move, at expr.c:333

PATCH: PR target/59379: [4.9 Regression] gomp_init_num_threads is compiled into an infinite loop with --with-arch=corei7 --with-cpu=slm

Re: PATCH: PR target/59587: cpu_names in i386.c is accessed with wrong index

Re: PATCH: PR target/59605: Create jump_around_label only if it doesn't exist

PATCH: PR target/59672: Add -m16 support for x86

PATCH: PR target/59794: [4.7/4.8/4.9 Regression] i386 backend fails to detect MMX/SSE/AVX ABI changes

Re: PATCH: PRs bootstrap/59580/59583: Improve x86 --with-arch/--with-cpu= configure handling

PATCH: Put a breakpoint on __sanitizer::Report

PATCH: Remove the unused btver1

pch bug fix

Ping Re: Fix IBM long double spurious overflows

Ping: [PATCH] Prevent crash when expand movstr fail when movstr pattern is defined

PING: PATCH: PR libitm/53113: Build fails in x86_avx.cc if AVX disabled by -mno-avx

PING: PATCH: PRs bootstrap/59580/59583: Improve x86 --with-arch/--with-cpu= configure handling

PR 52125: Detecting which operands are used in an asm

PR 54168: Unnecessary narrowing in tree-ssa-forwprop pass?

PR 59137: Incorrect liveness info during dbr_schedule

PR 59712 patch

PR ipa/58585 (virtual inheritance ICE)

PR ipa/59775 (get_binfo_at_offset not handling virtual inheritance well)

PR ipa/59831 (ipa-cp devirt issues)

PR libstdc++/59529, 59530,59531 Various string_view bugs.

PR middle-end/58125

PR testsuite/59971: multilib_flags is placed with the wrong order

PR59723: fix LTO + fortran namelist ICEs

profile mode fix

A question about forward_addr.

Question about gimplify.c:gimplify_adjust_omp_clauses_1, GOVD_MAP_TO_ONLY

Re: Rb tree node recycling patch

reload autoinc fix

Reload codegen improvement

Resolve pr44194-1.c failure by refining scan-rtl-dump-not pattern

Results for 4.9.0 20140106 (experimental) [trunk revision 206354] (GCC) testsuite on x86_64-apple-darwin10.8.0

RFA (pointer-set): PATCH for c++/57899 (infinite recursion with std::bind)

RFA: cgraph PATCH for c++/59645 (ICE with covariant virtual function with volatile parameter)

RFA: Fix assembler data directives emitted for variable length structures

RFA: MN10300: Fix typo store_movm pattern

RFA: patch to fix PR59787 (arm target)

RFA: RL78: Fix UMUL and $FP size

Re: RFC Asan instrumentation control

Re: std::vector move assign patch

Test cases vect-simd-clone-10/12.c keep failing

Tree containers profile mode fix

RE: Two build != host fixes

Re: Update GCC 4.9 changes.html

Update MAINTAINERS (Re: Remove spam in GCC mailing list)


Re: wide-int, avr

Re: wide-int, build system

Re: wide-int, C++ front end

Re: wide-int, doc

Re: wide-int, fold

Re: wide-int, fortran

Re: wide-int, gengtype

Re: wide-int, gimple

Re: wide-int, ipa

Re: wide-int, loop

Re: wide-int, OpenMP

Re: wide-int, rtl

Re: wide-int, sched

Re: wide-int, tree

Re: wide-int, tree-ssa

Re: wide-int, wide

Workaround PR59584 on 4.8 "Fix use of stack-pointer-register as a temporary for CRIS"

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