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Re: [resend] - Probable buglet in ipa-prop.c

On 11/27/13 15:30, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
On 11/27/2013 05:16 PM, Jeff Law wrote:
On 11/27/13 14:30, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
mailer added html again...

When trying some of my updated prototype changes on trunk, the code
tripped over this segment in ipa-prop.c :

        lhs = gimple_assign_lhs (stmt);
        rhs = gimple_assign_rhs1 (stmt);
        if (!is_gimple_reg_type (rhs)
            || TREE_CODE (lhs) == BIT_FIELD_REF
            || contains_bitfld_component_ref_p (lhs))

I had converted "gimple_reg_type(tree)" to instead be "gimple_reg_type
(gimple_type)",  and during bootstrap it conked out because it received
an SSA_NAME instead of a type.
Which probably caused everything after that conditional to be dead code.

I think it should probably be passing TREE_TYPE (rhs) liek so  ?
Yup.  Agreed.  Feel free to submit the fix.  It'll be interested to
see how many of these we find as this work progresses.

It'll also be interesting to see if there's any fallout from the
previously dead code now getting a chance to do something useful.

Just tripped over another one in tree-ssa-propagate.c:

I'll bootstrap the 2 of them together and run regressions overnight, and
then check them in tomorrow, assuming thats OK.
Works for me.


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