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Re: [PATCH, ARM, LRA] Fixed bootstrap failure in Thumb mode

On 11/27/13 10:49, Yvan Roux wrote:
How can that be correct?

The secondary reload macros/hooks define cases where additional registers
are needed to reload certain forms of rtl.  I doubt the use of LRA
completely eliminates the need for secondary reloads.

Vladimir explained me that in that case on arm, secondary reload hook
confuses LRA, and that returning NO_REGS will let LRA deal with
constraints, but I may have badly understand what he said.
So I think with the additional information from Vlad, I think we can go forward with your patch -- conditionally approved for the trunk. The condition is giving the ARM maintainers 24hrs to object.

I'm concerned that we don't have good documentation on when these macros are still needed in an LRA world. So it's much more difficult for anyone to know if a change of this nature is correct or not. As you've likely seen from my other replies in this thread, I've asked Vlad to work on the documentation aspects.


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