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Re: [PING] [PATCH, ARM, testcase] Skip target arm-neon for lp1243022.c

On 11/27/13 02:05, Zhenqiang Chen wrote:
Thanks for including the actual patch you're pinging, it helps :-)


lp1243022.c will fail with options: -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=hard.

Logs show it does not generate auto-incremental instruction in pass
auto_inc_dec. In this case, the check of REG_INC note at subreg2 will be
invalid. So skip the check for target arm-neon.

All PASS with the following options:


Is it OK?


2013-11-08  Zhenqiang Chen  <>

         * Skip target arm-neon.
It seems to me you should be xfailing arm-neon, not skipping the test. Unless there is some fundamental reason why we can not generate auto-inc instructions on the neon.


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