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Re: [PING^2] [PATCH] PR59063

On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 10:36:41AM +0400, Yury Gribov wrote:
> > This patch is supposed to fix PR59063
> (
> >
> > The original bug results from libasan providing clock_gettime
> wrapper and then trying to call the "real" clock_gettime.
> > The "real" symbol is supposed to come from which was not
> necessarily linked to executable. The net result is a NULL call.
> >
> > Patch is based on Evgeniy Stepanov's and Jakub's suggestions in
> bugzilla discussion. It instructs frontend to add -lrt on static
> Asan compilation and also links dynamic against
> >
> > This was tested against gcc asan testsuite on x86_64.
> Original post:

I don't like the unconditional -lrt added for -static-lib*san (note, you
need it for both -static-lib{a,t}san).  Perhaps it is time for
libsanitizer.spec filled in during configure of libsanitizer that
the spec would source in?  Look at how libgomp.spec, or libitm.spec or
libjava.spec are created and used.  It could be one libsanitizer.spec
with rules for all the individual libraries.


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