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Re: [PATCH, MPX, 2/X] Pointers Checker [14/25] Function splitting

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Jeff Law <> wrote:
> On 11/20/13 03:02, Richard Biener wrote:
>> Note that this, the intrusiveness of the feature and the questionable
>> gain makes me question whether GCC should have support for this
>> feature (and whether we really should rush this in this late).
>> Thus, I hereby formally ask to push back this feature to 4.10.
> Sigh.  I'd hoped we were making progress and Ilya could have things wrapped
> up in a reasonable amount of time.  But I certainly see your point of view
> and I have some concerns about the semantics of the builtins now that we're
> getting deeper into the bits.
> The patches were posted long ago (back in mid Sept) and received little/no
> feedback at that time.  Ilya played by the rules and it was our failing as
> maintainers that caused things to back up.  Thus I believe the code should
> be given fair consideration for inclusion into 4.9.

Note that we wouldn't get anywhere near a release if we apply this "rule".
That maintainers time is not infinite is unfortunate but a fact :/

> --
> I suspect the hardware implementation and ABI are largely set by the need to
> interoperate with uninstrumented code.  Where I think the patchset falls
> down is in implementation details.
> Anyway, if you're going to stick with your formal request to postpone until
> after 4.9, I'm not going to push hard from the other direction. Given that,
> we should probably pull out the half-dozen preparatory patches that went in.

For the latter I was confused by partly applying a series for a feature that
hasn't been fully reviewed anyway.  This shouldn't be how merging in a
new feature works - you split up the feature into multiple patches to ease
review, not to commit it piecewise over some weeks.


> jeff

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