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Re: [RFC] Modify -g1 to produce line tables

On 11/20/13 16:30, Cary Coutant wrote:
Here, finally, is that patch again, reworked to generate line tables
at -g1. I plan to commit this when Stage 1 reopens, but I'd like to
verify that earlier consensus. I also plan to commit this to the
google/main branch, and future merges will go more smoothly if what I
put in google/main matches what eventually goes into trunk.

Hmm,  Stage 1 has been opened for a while now but I could not find
this patch has been committed yet.  Is there any plans to include this
patch?  It would be useful for Sanitizer and other uses.

Sorry, I never saw any feedback, positive or negative, on that, and it
kind of fell off my radar. I think it should still be ready to go in
-- Stage 1 is still open for another day, right? Let me rebase the
patch, kick off a bootstrap and regression tests, and I think I can be
ready to submit it if there are no objections.
Yea, you've still got another day.  So definitely rebase and resubmit.

From a review standpoint, things got really bad. If you had something get dropped, definitely ping it. As a whole, we're doing better now than probably anytime this year, but as always we could do better.


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