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Re: [PATCH, MPX, 2/X] Pointers Checker [8/25] Languages support

On 11/20/13 06:49, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
On 20 Nov 10:59, Richard Biener wrote:
On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 9:29 PM, Ilya Enkovich <> wrote:
On 19 Nov 12:33, Jeff Law wrote:
On 11/19/13 05:13, Ilya Enkovich wrote:
On 19 Nov 13:00, Richard Biener wrote:
I'd say not in the gimplifier either but in varpool (symbol table) code
where the symbols are ultimatively registered with?

Something like that?

--- a/gcc/varpool.c
+++ b/gcc/varpool.c
@@ -151,6 +151,10 @@ varpool_node_for_decl (tree decl)
    node = varpool_create_empty_node ();
    node->decl = decl;
    symtab_register_node (node);
+  if (DECL_NIITIAL (decl))
+    chkp_register_var_initializer (decl);
    return node;
Yea, I think that's what Richi is suggesting.

Great!  Here is a full version of the patch.  Bootstrap, make check and MPX tests are OK with the change.

Please don't do this in varpool_node_for_decl but in


Here it is.



2013-11-20  Ilya Enkovich  <>

	* cgraphunit.c: Include tree-chkp.h.
	(varpool_finalize_decl): Register statically
	initialized decls in Pointer Bounds Checker.
This is fine. Note Richi's request to postpone this feature means this can't go in until the next stage1. However, at that time, the approved hunks can be updated for the trunk and go in. Ideally we'll have all the hunks reviewed and ready to go before then -- though once the current stage1 closes, everyone will be much more focused on bugfixing.


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