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Re: [PATCH] add auto_vec

On Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 02:46:19PM -0500, Trevor Saunders wrote:
> 2013-11-18  Trevor Saunders  <>
> gcc/
> * vec.h (auto_vec): New class.
> 	* cfganal.c cfgloop.c cgraphunit.c config/i386/i386.c dwarf2out.c
> 	function.c genautomata.c gimple.c haifa-sched.c ipa-inline.c
> 	ira-build.c loop-unroll.c omp-low.c ree.c trans-mem.c tree-call-cdce.c
> 	tree-eh.c tree-if-conv.c tree-into-ssa.c tree-loop-distribution.c
> 	tree-predcom.c tree-sra.c
> 	tree-sssa-forwprop.c tree-ssa-loop-manip.c tree-ssa-pre.c
> 	tree-ssa-reassoc.c tree-ssa-sccvn.c tree-ssa-structalias.c
> 	tree-vect-loop.c tree-vect-stmts.c Use auto_vec and stack-vec as
> 	appropriate instead of vec for local variables.

The ChangeLog is incorrectly formatted.  The filenames shouldn't
be space separated, but comma space separated, and there should be
as always : after the last filename, before the descriptions.  Also,
stack-vec should have been stack_vec, right?
> 	cp/
> 	* parser.c semantics.c Change some local variables from vec to
> 	auto_vec or stack-vec.



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