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Re: [PATCH] Support addsub/subadd as non-isomorphic operations for SLP vectorizer.

On 18/11/13 20:19, Cong Hou wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 10:18 AM, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
>> On 15/11/13 02:06, Cong Hou wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> This patch adds the support to two non-isomorphic operations addsub
>>> and subadd for SLP vectorizer. More non-isomorphic operations can be
>>> added later, but the limitation is that operations on even/odd
>>> elements should still be isomorphic. Once such an operation is
>>> detected, the code of the operation used in vectorized code is stored
>>> and later will be used during statement transformation. Two new GIMPLE
>>> opeartions VEC_ADDSUB_EXPR and VEC_SUBADD_EXPR are defined. And also
>>> new optabs for them. They are also documented.
>> Not withstanding what Richi has already said on this subject, you
>> certainly don't need both VEC_ADDSUB_EXPR and VEC_SUBADD_EXPR.  The
>> latter can always be formed by vec-negating the second operand and
>> passing it to VEC_ADDSUB_EXPR.
> Right. But I also considered targets without the support to addsub
> instructions. Then we could still selectively negate odd/even elements
> using masks then use PLUS_EXPR (at most 2 instructions). If I
> implement VEC_ADDSUB_EXPR by negating the second operand then using
> VEC_ADDSUB_EXPR, I end up with one more instruction.

No, you don't, since as Richi has mentioned elsewhere, two RTL
operations in a single pattern doesn't imply two instructions.


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