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(g)fortran support for MPX (was: Re: [PATCH, MPX, 2/X] Pointers Checker [8/25] Languages support)

Ilya Enkovich wrote:
The issue is that users do not get what expect. I do not want someone
having mixed codes get instrumentation for his Java/Fortran/Ada
functions which slows them down and does nothing useful. What is the
point to allow checks of pointer bounds for language with no pointers?

Talking about Fortran, I wonder which modifications are required to get it working. Can you give some pointers? I lost a bit track.

(For readers, who haven't followed: See )

In Fortran, often an array is described by an array descriptor, a struct which carries both the pointer address and the array bounds. Thus, that makes it simpler to check for bound violations at runtime (existing -fcheck=bounds). However, arrays can also be passed as in a way that only the address is known – in that case, one has the same issues as with C. One place where the issue occurs is interoperating with C, but also within Fortran it can occur. I think especially for interoperability with C (C++ with extern "c", etc.), having the checks would be useful.

I have to admit that it is not completely clear to me when to best add MPX annotations with Fortran, but as it is explicitly controlled by a compile-time flag, there is no real reason for not using it.


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