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Re: [patch][RFC] make lra.c:check_rtl set maybe_hot_insn_p

On 18/11/13 08:37, Yvan Roux wrote:
So, the validation is ok with this patch, I'm just not able to say if
the original performance issue is still fixed with it.  Could you
check it Kyrylo ?

Hi Yvan,
I'll run the benchmark today to confirm the performance, but from compiling some code sequences that exhibited the bad behaviour in the past, I see that this patch still fixes the issues. store_minmaxsi is not generated when optimising for speed.



2013-11-17  Yvan Roux  <>

         * config/arm/ (store_minmaxsi): Use only when

On 15 November 2013 15:59, Yvan Roux <> wrote:
Sometimes 4 will be needed, since both original register values may
remain live.

However, I'm inclined to agree that while it should be possible to
decide at the *function* level whether or not an insn is valid, doing so
at the block level is probably unsafe.
Ok, so the attached patch should fix the issue, its validation is ongoing.

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