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Re: [patch] Finish cleaning up gimple.h

On 11/15/13 09:47, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
This patch finally gets gimple.h into its proper state of only having
prototypes for gimple.c.

The prototype for get_base_address was in tree.h, and it seemed more
appropriate there since gimple.h is for gimple statements.  I moved the
function to tree.c

2 new .h files were created,  cfgexpand.h and tree-nested.h.   I flushed
both of those out to include all the exports for the files, so the
'build_addr' prototype was moved from tree.h and
'estimated_stack_frame_size' was moved from tree-inline.h. I looked at
shuffling the exports to other files, but nothing jumped at me.
estimated_stack_frame_size depends on too much other stuff in cfgexpand
to move even though it only has one client.
build_addr may belong somewhere else, but Im not sure where... tree.c as
well maybe?  The fortran FE uses it as well...

A few #includes needed to be added to .c files for the moved prototypes.

I left the macro definitions for SCALE, LABEL and PERCENT at the bottom
of gimple.h.  I was going to move them, but really have no idea where to
put them. I thought about coretypes.h but that doesn't seem right
either.  suggestions?
I think PERCENT is only used by tree-into-ssa.c, so shove it in there.

SCALE and LABEL are only used by tree-cfg.c and tree-dfa.c, if that helps you narrow down a potential location.

Bootstraps on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and regressions are currently
running.  Assuming no issues, OK?
Yes.  Thanks,


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