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Re: [gomp4 simd, RFC] Simple fix to override vectorization cost estimation.

On 11/12/13 3:16 PM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 05:46:14PM +0400, Sergey Ostanevich wrote:
>> ivdep just substitutes all cross-iteration data analysis,
>> nothing related to cost model. ICC does not cancel its
>> cost model in case of #pragma ivdep
>> as for the safelen - OMP standart treats it as a limitation
>> for the vector length. this means if no safelen is present
>> an arbitrary vector length can be used.
> I was talking about GCC loop->safelen, which is INT_MAX for #pragma omp simd
> without safelen clause or #pragma simd without vectorlength clause.
>> so I believe loop->force_vect is the only trigger to disregard
>> the cost model
> Anyway, in that case I think the originally posted patch is wrong,
> if we want to treat force_vect as disregard all the cost model and
> force vectorization (well, the name of the field already kind of suggest
> that), then IMHO we should treat it the same as -fvect-cost-model=unlimited
> for those loops.

Err - the user may have a specific sub-architecture in mind when using
#pragma simd, if you say we should completely ignore the cost model
then should we also sorry () if we cannot vectorize the loop (either
because of GCC deficiencies or lack of sub-target support)?

That said, at least in the cases that the cost model says the loop
is never profitable to vectorize we should follow its advice.


> Thus (untested):
> 2013-11-12  Jakub Jelinek  <>
> 	* tree-vect-loop.c (vect_estimate_min_profitable_iters): Use
> 	unlimited cost model also for force_vect loops.
> --- gcc/tree-vect-loop.c.jj	2013-11-12 12:09:40.000000000 +0100
> +++ gcc/tree-vect-loop.c	2013-11-12 15:11:43.821404330 +0100
> @@ -2702,7 +2702,7 @@ vect_estimate_min_profitable_iters (loop
>    void *target_cost_data = LOOP_VINFO_TARGET_COST_DATA (loop_vinfo);
>    /* Cost model disabled.  */
> -  if (unlimited_cost_model ())
> +  if (unlimited_cost_model () || LOOP_VINFO_LOOP (loop_vinfo)->force_vect)
>      {
>        dump_printf_loc (MSG_NOTE, vect_location, "cost model disabled.\n");
>        *ret_min_profitable_niters = 0;
> 	Jakub

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