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Re: [PATCH] Introducing SAD (Sum of Absolute Differences) operation to GCC vectorizer.

> On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 9:58 AM, Cong Hou <> wrote:
> > Thank you for your detailed explanation.
> >
> > Once GCC detects a reduction operation, it will automatically
> > accumulate all elements in the vector after the loop. In the loop the
> > reduction variable is always a vector whose elements are reductions of
> > corresponding values from other vectors. Therefore in your case the
> > only instruction you need to generate is:
> >
> >     VABAL   ops[3], ops[1], ops[2]
> >
> > It is OK if you accumulate the elements into one in the vector inside
> > of the loop (if one instruction can do this), but you have to make
> > sure other elements in the vector should remain zero so that the final
> > result is correct.
> >
> > If you are confused about the documentation, check the one for
> > udot_prod (just above usad in md.texi), as it has very similar
> > behavior as usad. Actually I copied the text from there and did some
> > changes. As those two instruction patterns are both for vectorization,
> > their behavior should not be difficult to explain.
> >
> > If you have more questions or think that the documentation is still
> > improper please let me know.

Hi Cong,

Thanks for your reply.

I've looked at Dorit's original patch adding WIDEN_SUM_EXPR and
DOT_PROD_EXPR and I see that the same ambiguity exists for
DOT_PROD_EXPR. Can you please add a note in your tree.def
that SAD_EXPR, like DOT_PROD_EXPR can be expanded as either:

  tmp = WIDEN_MINUS_EXPR (arg1, arg2)
  tmp2 = ABS_EXPR (tmp)
  arg3 = PLUS_EXPR (tmp2, arg3)


  tmp = WIDEN_MINUS_EXPR (arg1, arg2)
  tmp2 = ABS_EXPR (tmp)
  arg3 = WIDEN_SUM_EXPR (tmp2, arg3)

Where WIDEN_MINUS_EXPR is a signed MINUS_EXPR, returning a
a value of the same (widened) type as arg3.

Also, while looking for the history of DOT_PROD_EXPR I spotted this

  [autovect] [patch] detect mult-hi and sad patterns

I wonder what the reason was for that patch to be dropped?


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