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Re: [PATCH, i386]: Fix PR 59021, new vzeroupper instructions generated with -mavx

On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 1:07 AM, Joern Rennecke
<> wrote:
> On 7 November 2013 20:01, Uros Bizjak <> wrote:
>> OTOH, looking a bit deeper, it looks that there is a problem in
>> mode-switching infrastructure. If we have a BB without any mode
>> requirements, but an insn that switched the mode via MODE_AFTER, we
>> should not mark the block as transparent. Indeed, we even have a N.B.
>> comment in mode-switching.c:
>>       /* Check for blocks without ANY mode requirements.
>>          N.B. because of MODE_AFTER, last_mode might still be different
>>          from no_mode.  */
>> But, we do nothing w.r.t to transparency
> The optimize_mode_switching patch makes sense to me.

Thanks, I will propose a patch for this.

>> Attached incremental patch also fixes additional vzeroupper problem.
>> Calls with AVX argument register in fact do not have any mode
>> requirements, so we don't need to fake MODE_DIRTY requirement.
> Not sure about this - because I'm note sure what the meaning of values in
> avx_u128_state are.  This lack of clarity is not caused by your  patch,
> but is that something that could be reasonably be explained
> in a comment, or would that have to be too long to be helpful?

No problem here, these are state transitions for vzeroupper
mode-switching state. State should be changed to DIRTY by functions
that use AVX256 argument registers.

Best regards,

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