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Re: [RFC] libgcov.c re-factoring and offline profile-tool

On Wed, 6 Nov 2013, Rong Xu wrote:

> In current implementation, if you use 'profile-tool help', it will
> print out the usage and exit.

Please make sure you follow the GNU Coding Standards.  Any installed tool 
needs to support --help, with output following the GNU Coding Standards, 
to standard output, with exit status 0 and with the output including the 
configured bug-reporting URL.  Any installed tool also needs to support 
--version, reporting the version number (with any configured package 
version) in the same format as other GCC tools, with copyright / licensing 

This is in addition to documenting the tool in the Texinfo manuals.

You should also use the common GCC diagnostic functions rather than 
fprintf to stderr (and in any case make sure diagnostics follow the GNU 
Coding Standards for formatting - do not start with a capital letter or 
end with ".").

All English messages need to be appropriately marked for translation.  
Look at the initialization in gcov.c including

  gcc_init_libintl ();

  diagnostic_initialize (global_dc, 0);

and if you use standard diagnostic functions then translation is handled 
automatically; for random usage messages, fnotice may be helpful to avoid 
needing explicit _() markings.

It is always wrong to include system headers before config.h, as config.h 
may define feature test macros that only work if defined before any system 
header is included.

Joseph S. Myers

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