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Re: Re-factor tree.h - Part 1

On Tue, 5 Nov 2013, Diego Novillo wrote:

This is the first patch in a series of patches to cleanup tree.h to
reduce the exposure it has all over the compiler.

In this patch, I'm moving functions that are used once into the files
that use them, and make them private to that file. These functions
were declared extern in tree.h and called from exactly one place.

I am not a big fan of doing it so automatically. For instance widest_int_cst_value should imho remain next to int_cst_value since they mostly share the same implementation. Doing this also doesn't promote code reuse: if I am looking for a function that does some basic operation on trees, I won't only need to look in the file that is semantically relevant, I'll also need to randomly grep through possible users to see if I should revert that part of your patch. On the other hand, most of those functions you move probably are better off in their new location, so you can ignore my post.

Marc Glisse

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