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[v3 patch] Implement C++14 N3655 TransformationTraits Redux

Another C++14 library proposal.  std::aligned_union_t is missing
because we don't have std::aligned_union yet.

I also changed a few tests to use static_assert instead of VERIFY so
they only need to be compiled, not executed, saving a few milliseconds
when running the testsuite ;-)

2013-11-05  Jonathan Wakely  <>

        N3655 C++1y TransformationTraits Redux
        * include/std/type_traits (remove_const_t, remove_volatile_t,
        remove_cv_t, add_const_t, add_volatile_t, add_cv_t, remove_reference_t,
        add_lvalue_reference_t, add_rvalue_reference_t, make_signed_t,
        make_unsigned_t, remove_extent_t, remove_all_extents_t,
        remove_pointer_t, add_pointer_t, aligned_storage_t, decay_t,
        enable_if_t, conditional_t, common_type_t, underlying_type_t,
        result_of_t): Define.
        * doc/xml/manual/status_cxx2014.xml: Update.
        * testsuite/20_util/add_lvalue_reference/requirements/
        * testsuite/20_util/add_rvalue_reference/requirements/
        * testsuite/20_util/common_type/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/conditional/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/decay/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/enable_if/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/make_signed/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/make_unsigned/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/remove_reference/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/result_of/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/underlying_type/requirements/ New.
        * testsuite/20_util/common_type/requirements/ Change to
        compile-only test.
        * testsuite/20_util/decay/requirements/ Likewise.
        * testsuite/20_util/make_signed/requirements/ Likewise.
        * testsuite/20_util/declval/requirements/ Adjust dg-error
        line number.
        * testsuite/20_util/make_signed/requirements/
        * testsuite/20_util/make_unsigned/requirements/

Tested x86_64-linux, committed to trunk.

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