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Re: [PATCH][ubsan] Add VLA bound instrumentation

On 10/31/2013 02:28 PM, Marek Polacek wrote:
  	  /* A variable sized array.  */
  	  itype = variable_size (itype);
+	  /* We need to stabilize side-effects in VLA sizes for regular array
+	     declarations too, not just pointers to arrays.  */
+	  stabilize_vla_size (itype);

Let's put this after the later call to variable_size, too.

  	  if (TREE_CODE (itype) != SAVE_EXPR)
  	      /* Look for SIZEOF_EXPRs in itype and fold them, otherwise
@@ -8390,6 +8385,31 @@ compute_array_index_type (tree name, tre
  	      if (found)
  		itype = variable_size (fold (newitype));

i.e. here.

+	  if (cxx_dialect >= cxx1y)
+	    {
+	      /* If the VLA bound is larger than half the address space,
+	         or less than zero, throw std::bad_array_length.  */
+	      tree comp = build2 (LT_EXPR, boolean_type_node, itype,
+				  ssize_int (-1));
+	      comp = build3 (COND_EXPR, void_type_node, comp,
+			     throw_bad_array_length (), void_zero_node);
+	      finish_expr_stmt (comp);
+	  }
+         if ((flag_sanitize & SANITIZE_VLA)
+             /* From C++1y onwards, we throw an exception on a negative
+                length size of an array; see above  */
+             && cxx_dialect < cxx1y)

This could be

  else if (flag_sanitize & SANITIZE_VLA)

There's another use of stabilize_vla_size in grokdeclarator, that should be able to go as well.


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