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Re: [RFC/CFT] auto-wipe dump files [was: Re: [committed] Fix up bb-slp-31.c testcase]

On Oct 30, 2013, at 2:41 AM, Bernhard Reutner-Fischer <> wrote:
>> I've noticed that this testcase doesn't clean up after itself.

> This was nagging me last weekend.. ;)
> What about automating this?

So, the idea sounds very nice.

One thing that I worry about is the testing speed hit for people (test cases) that don't need cleanups.  I don't know the speed hit of the code, so, don't know how necessary it is to try and go faster.

I was thinking the presence of a scan-tree-dump, would set a bit that said, do a scan-tree-dump style cleanup.

The common code then does, if cleanups needed, do cleanups

The idea, most test cases don't do this, and don't need the big cleanup routine to fire.  A scan-tree-dump would setup a cleanup tree dumps flags, and then in the big cleanup routine, you have:

do cleanups()
	if (need tree cleanups) do tree cleanups();
	if (need rtl cleanups) do rtl cleanups();

this way, we avoid randomly doing cleanups for things we don't need them for, and avoid even asking if we need any cleanups, as we can have a global flag that says if we need any extra, special cleanups.

So, all that would be bad to do, if the speed hit is small…  Can you collect with/without numbers and post them?  If you can, include user, sys and elapsed.  You can run a subset of one testsuite, say, dg.exp, as representative.

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