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Fix for cris-elf breakage from mudflap removal, take 2

PRED_NORETURN seems a better match; not that I see anything in
the current source that actually treats them differently other
than generating them, but my grep-fu may be weak and certainly
my crystall-ball-fu is.

After testing (no regressions compared to r204080 before the
breakage), committed.

	* config/cris/cris.c (cris_emit_trap_for_misalignment): Replace the
	removed PRED_MUDFLAP with PRED_NORETURN.  Correct file-path in comment.

Index: gcc/config/cris/cris.c
--- gcc/config/cris/cris.c	(revision 204101)
+++ gcc/config/cris/cris.c	(working copy)
@@ -1989,17 +1989,14 @@ cris_emit_trap_for_misalignment (rtx mem
   /* This will yield a btstq without a separate register used, usually -
      with the exception for PRE hoisting the "and" but not the branch
-     around the trap: see gcc.dg/target/cris/sync-3s.c.  */
+     around the trap: see testsuite/  */
   andop = gen_rtx_AND (Pmode, reg, GEN_INT (natural_alignment - 1));
   emit_cmp_and_jump_insns (force_reg (SImode, andop), const0_rtx, EQ,
 			   NULL_RTX, Pmode, 1, ok_label);
   jmp = get_last_insn ();
   gcc_assert (JUMP_P (jmp));
-  /* While this isn't mudflap, it is a similar kind of assertion.
-     If PRED_MUDFLAP stops working, use something else or introduce a
-     more suitable assertion predication type.  */
-  predict_insn_def (jmp, PRED_MUDFLAP, TAKEN);
+  predict_insn_def (jmp, PRED_NORETURN, TAKEN);
   expand_builtin_trap ();
   emit_label (ok_label);

brgds, H-P

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