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RE: FW: MAX_PATH problems with mingw gcc

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joey Ye [] 
> Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 6:31 AM
> To: Vladimir Simonov; Ian Lance Taylor;
> Vladimir,
> I found no more issue on patch itself. But ChangeLogs are missing.
> Please refer to format in /include/ChangeLog, and generate yours in your next email for
> /include
> /libcpp
> /libiberty
> Maintainers of libiberty are in TO list.
Hi Jan, DJ,

Could you please clarify your positions about the problem and suggested patch?
Attaching the patch for references.

TBD. Here is not complete list of problems in gcc-based cross development when
build platform uses DOS-style FS and target platform uses Linux-style FS:
1. If you do crossbuild with gcov support, binaries refer gcda files like C:\Myproject\Mydir\Myobj.gcda.
After run on Linux files with names  like "C:\Myproject\Mydir\Myobj.gcda" are created.
No any directory tree;
2. Current filename_cmp fails to compare c:/a/b/.. and c:/a;
3. Include files names on DOS-style FS quite often become too long because of their 
"denormalization" after concatenation(i.e a/ + ../b becomes a/../b but may be used as b/);
4. The same (as 1.) problems appear in gdb during debug cross-built programs on Linux side.

Best regards

Attachment: gcc-4.8.1-filename-normalize-2.patch
Description: gcc-4.8.1-filename-normalize-2.patch

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