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wwwdocs: Broken links due to the preprocess script (was: Re: [wwwdocs, patch] gcc-4.9/changes.html: Add quip about "#pragma GCC ivdep" and update Fortran section)

Tobias Burnus wrote:
Thanks for looking at the patch. However, the patch has a link problem. The documentation is at

That's also the link I use in the changes.html file. However, some script changes the link to:
which won't work. Try yourself at

Actually, a similar issue was reported at

The reason for the broken links are the following lines in the /www/bin/preprocess script:

Gerald, do you still know why you added it 9 years ago? The commit comment is "Use sed to work around makeinfo 4.7 brokenness."

I think "makeinfo" is still broken, but those pages do not seem to go through the preprocess script, which means that only links to that page will change to a hyphen, breaking the links.

Do you think it would be sensible to remove those lines again - or, alternatively, to run a similar script (e.g. "perl -i -e 's/_002d/-/g' `find onlinedocs -name \*.html`) on the onlinedocs/.

I think the impact of the the former on links is smaller. (One still needs to re-run the script on those files to restore the links.)


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