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Re: Aliasing: look through pointer's def stmt

On Fri, 25 Oct 2013, Tobias Burnus wrote:

Marc Glisse wrote:
I noticed that in some cases we were failing to find aliasing
information because we were only looking at an SSA_NAME variable,
missing the fact that it was really an ADDR_EXPR. The attached patch
passes bootstrap+testsuite, does it make sense? (I am a bit afraid of
losing some type information for instance)

I didn't investigate the 2 tests where I had to remove dg-bogus, because
removing dg-bogus sounds like a bonus...

I wonder why you are seeing failures with those test cases. I tired your patch (w/o modifying the test cases) and they passed.

The idea of those test cases is to ensure that there is no output like
"note: loop versioned for vectorization because of possible aliasing"
Because that output would be a hint that "#pragma GCC ivdep" doesn't work.

What kind of output do you see? Seemingly not the one above as you kept the "version" dg-bogus.

<beats self on the head>
My source directory includes the word "alias" in it. So I'll leave those 2 dg-bogus alone, but please tighten the regexp a bit, include at least a space or something...

Marc Glisse

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