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Re: [RFC] [Testsuite,ARM] Neon intrinsics executable tests


On 10 October 2013 00:16, Christophe Lyon <> wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch is a first small sample of dejagnu-ization of my ARM Neon
> intrinsics tests.
> It's derived from my previous work at
> which supports all
> the ARM intrinsics, with executable tests. As I have to manually
> transform each test (to include the expected data, and a few other
> modifications), it's quite a bit tedious.
> I'd like your feedback before continuing, as there are a lot more
> files to come.
> I have made some cleanup to help review, but the two .h files will
> need to grow as more intrinsics will be added (see the original ones).
> I'd like to keep the modifications at a minimal level, to save my time
> when adapting each test (there are currently 145 test files, so 143
> left :-).
> Thanks,
> Christophe.
> This patch only introduces new files.
> 2013-10-03  Christophe Lyon  <>
> testsuite/
> * neon-intrinsics.exp: New driver file.
> * arm-neon-ref.h: New file, with common vector construction
> helpers.
> * compute_ref_data.h: New file, with helpers for input data
> initialization.
> * ref_vaba.c: New test file for the vaba family of intrinsics.
> * ref_vld1.c: New test file for vld1.

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