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Re: [PATCH v2] Fix libgfortran cross compile configury w.r.t newlib

On 15 October 2013 22:35, Mike Stump <> wrote:

> Would be nice for a build/config person to weigh in or to upgrade and make bullet proof the system against such failures.  My take, by default, the compile line should do something useful, and that should be enough for autoconf style tests to smell the library.  Now, we can observe that Steve's mips-mti-elf newlib port apparently violates that, but it is lost on me why that is and why that is a good thing.  Steve?  Is there some reason why by default, a suitable linker script can't be added by the compiler, or, if none suitable, a stub one that isn't suitable in general, but, is complete enough to allow autoconf to function normally?


Can your build be fixed allowing us to back out:


I'd really like to make some progress on this, while my proposed patch
does resolve the regression introduced by the above patch I am
concerned that this is going in the wrong direction and that we
should, as Mike suggests above fix the build issue such that autoconf
behaves, rather than attempting to hardwire configure details of
newlib into libgfortran...


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