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Re: [libstdc++,C++11] Library style for user-defined literal operators

Hi ha scritto:
>Let me try that again. Sorry for the dupe and the bad subject in the
>previous message.
>This patch fixes a small stylistic nit in the user-defined literal
>operators in the standard library.I propose we prefer: operator""suf -
>with no spacerather than: operator"" suf - with spaceIt is only
>strictly necessary to have no space between quotes and suffix
>identifier when the suffix identifier is a keyword. On the other hand,
>consistently using no space means never having to say you're sorry. It
>is also consistent with our style of not having space between operator
>and, say '+'. I believe that first allowing the space in the first
>place might have been a mistake in the standard. The (to be committed
>tonight) literal operators for complex<float> need to have no space
>because the suffix is 'if'. We might as well be consistent. I think
>this is better style too.

Looks Ok to me.


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