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Re: [PATCH, SH] Add support for inlined builtin-strcmp (2/2)

Christian Bruel <> wrote:
> thanks for having retested this,  The tests are still not complete for 
> RTL generated functions, there are cases where no str/cmp wil be
> emitted, because we can predict than the size is less than 4 and so have
> a direct fallthru into the byte at a byte loop copying.
> Also I will consider a size optimized implementation, so we don't jump
> to the library
> I will post examples for this shortly (and add them as a testcase) with
> a strncmp implementation helper, that pertains to strcmp with constant
> strings by the way. Please allow me some time to complete by benchmarking.
> thanks  for the hints about removing empty "" is the expanders
> Kaz, before proceeding with the next patch, was your approval for 1/2
> only or 2/2 with the expander cleanup ?

Only for 1/2.  The revised 2/2 patch is pre-approved if the usual
tests are Ok, though.  One minor formatting problem:

>+   if (! optimize_insn_for_size_p () && sh4_expand_cmpstr(operands))
>+      DONE;

A space is needed just before (operands).


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