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Re: [PATCH, PR 53001] Re: Patch to split out new warning flag for floating point conversion

On 10/14/2013 05:34 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Oct 2013, Dodji Seketeli wrote:
>>> This patch has passes the existing -Wconversion testcases.  It
>>> modifies Wconversion-real.c, Wconversion-real-integer.c and
>>> pr35635.c to be more specific
>> If the patch passes existing tests, I'd be inclined to leave
>> them tests alone and add new ones that are specific to what this
>> patch
> Indeed, it's best not to change what an existing test tests.

This patch does not change any of the non-commented c and c++ code.
It changes the dg comments.
-  fsi (3.1f); /* { dg-warning "conversion" } */
+  fsi (3.1f); /* { dg-warning "float-conversion" } */

If you want I can change it to (in separate files if desired):

  fsi (3.1f); /* { dg-warning "conversion" } */
  fsi (3.1f); /* { dg-warning "float-conversion" } */

so that now the tests are run both ways, but it would test the exact
same code path.

>>> * gcc/c-family/c-common.c Switching unsafe_conversion_p to 
>>> return an enumeration with more detail, and conversion_warning 
>>> to use this information.
>> The correct format for this ChangeLog entry would be:
>> <tab>* gcc/c-family/c-common.c (unsafe_conversion_p):
>> <insert-your-comment-here>.
> And ChangeLog entries give the path to the file relative to the
> relevant ChangeLog file, which is that in the closest containing
> directory to the file being modified.  Since there's one in
> gcc/c-family, that means the path in this case is just c-common.c.

Thanks for pointing out that detail about the changelog, I will fix
that next time I send the patch.

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