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Re: [patch] Rename tree-flow.h to tree-cfg.h.

On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 2:48 AM, Andrew MacLeod <> wrote:
> This patch finally renames tree-flow.h to tree-cfg.h.  It now contains just
> the prototypes for tree-cfg.h.


> I've also removed all the #include's from tree-cfg.h, and relocated them
> (temporarily) to tree-ssa.h which is acting as the tree-ssa module header.
> tree-flow.h is removed from all includes, and a few places were tweaked to
> include just the bit(s) they may have needed from the old tree-flow.h list.
> (for instance, gimple.c only needed bitmap.h, nothing else :-P)
> virtual_operand_p is removed from tree-ssa-operands.h and relocated to
> gimple.c.  It actually has nothing to do with operand processing, merely
> queries whether a given VAR_DECL is the global variable for VOPs.
> (VAR_DECL_CHECK (NODE)->base.u.bits.saturating_flag). So I dont think it
> even counts as a border routine for gimple-ssa.h. Moving this prevented
> tree-ssa-operands.h from being required in a couple of files that shouldn't
> need it..

You could argue it belongs to tree-ssa-alias.h as it is a GIMPLE alias
machinery specific var ...

> A set of 8 more patches will follow this (very simple ones :-) which reduce
> the include list out of tree-ssa.h to just files which are commonly used.
> rs6000 and alpha were including tree-flow.h in their config/target.c file. I
> built stage 1 for each target as a cross compiler to confirm builds dont
> break due to something unresolved.  rs6000.c no longer needed it, alpha
> needs num_ssa_names, so it requires gimple-ssa.h (instead of tree-flow.h).
> There is a compilation error in alpha (like on many other targets) for
> target_flags_explicit.... when it fails, that is the only unresolved
> external left.... the situation which existed before this patch.
> gimple-ssa.h cannot be compiled without tree-ssa-operands.h (it requires
> some structs and fields), so I #include tree-ssa-operands.h *back* into
> gimple-ssa.h where it was a week ago... not sure why I took it out.  oops.
> Bootstraps on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu with no new regressions.
> OK?



> Andrew

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