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Re: [PATCH 2/6] Andes nds32: machine description of nds32 porting (1).

2013/10/14 Richard Sandiford <>:
> Chung-Ju Wu <> writes:
>> +                                                  push_p ? false : true,
> Minor nit, but I think the normal GCC style would be to use !push_p here.

Ah~ yes, thank you for the catch.
Modify it accordingly.

A revised-5 patch for nds32.c is attached. :)

> Thanks for your patience in dealing with all my comments.  All three
> subparts look good to me with the change above and the ones mentioned
> in the (2) thread.  Hope the port gets accepted.
> Thanks,
> Richard

Thank you for your technical review in these days.
All of our compiler engineers at Andes Technology Corporation
greatly appreciate your guidance in machine description design.

I will post final v4 patches of nds32 port on the gcc-patches
and see whether global reviewers have other comments.
Thank you very much. :)

Best regards,

Attachment: 2-nds32-backend-md-part1.v3.revised-5.patch
Description: Binary data

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