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Re: [PING^2][PATCH][2 of 2] RTL expansion for zero sign extension elimination with VRP

Thanks Richard for the review.

On 15/10/13 23:55, Richard Biener wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Oct 2013, Kugan wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> Can you please help to review this patch?
> I think that gimple_assign_is_zero_sign_ext_redundant and its
> description is somewhat confused.  You seem to have two cases
> here, one being NOP_EXPR or CONVERT_EXPR that are in the IL
> because they are required for type correctness.  So,

I have changed the name and the comments to make it more clear.

>    long = (long) int
> which usually expands to
>    (set:DI (sext:DI reg:SI))
> you want to expand as
>    (set:DI (subreg:DI reg:SI))
> where you have to be careful for modes smaller than word_mode.
> You don't seem to implement this optimization though (but
> the gimple_assign_is_zero_sign_ext_redundant talks about it).

I am actually handling only the cases smaller than word_mode. If there
is any sign change, I dont do any changes. In the place RTL expansion is
done, I have added these condition as it is done for convert_move and

For example, when an expression is evaluated and it's value is assigned
to variable of type short, the generated RTL would look something like
the following.

(set (reg:SI 110)
    (zero_extend:SI (subreg:HI (reg:SI 117) 0)))

However, if during value range propagation, if we can say for certain
that the value of the expression which is present in register 117 is
within the limits of short and there is no sign conversion, we do not
need to perform the subreg and zero_extend; instead we can generate the
following RTl.

(set (reg:SI 110)
    (reg:SI 117)))

> Second are promotions required by the target (PROMOTE_MODE)
> that do arithmetic on wider registers like for
>   char = char + char
> where they cannot do
>   (set:QI (plus:QI reg:QI reg:QI))
> but instead have, for example reg:SI only and you get
>   (set:SI (plus:SI reg:SI reg:SI))
>   (set:SI ([sz]ext:SI (subreg:QI reg:SI)))
> that you try to address with the cfgexpand hunk but I believe
> it doesn't work the way you do it.  That is because on GIMPLE
> you do not see SImode temporaries and thus no SImode value-ranges.
> Consider
>   tem = (char) 255 + (char) 1;
> which has a value-range of [0,0] but clearly when computed in
> SImode the value-range is [256, 256].  That is, VRP computes
> value-ranges in the expression type, not in some arbitrary
> larger type.
> So what you'd have to do is take the value-ranges of the
> two operands of the plus and see whether the plus can overflow
> QImode when computed in SImode (for the example).

Yes. Instead of calculating the value ranges of the two operand in
SImode, What I am doing in this case is to look at the value range of
tem and if it is within [CHAR_MIN + 1, CHAR_MAX -1]. As you have
explained earlier, we cant rely on being within the [CHAR_MIN, CHAR_MAX]
as the range could have been modified to fit the LHS type. This ofcourse
will miss some of the cases where we can remove extensions but
simplifies the logic.

> [exposing the effect of PROMOTE_MODE earlier than at RTL expansion
> time may make this less awkward]

Please find the modified patch attached.

+2013-10-16  Kugan Vivekanandarajah  <>
+	* dojump.c (do_compare_and_jump): Generate rtl without
+	zero/sign extension if redundant.
+	* cfgexpand.c (expand_gimple_stmt_1): Likewise.
+	* gimple.c (gimple_is_rhs_value_fits_in_assign) : New
+	function.
+	* gimple.h (gimple_is_rhs_value_fits_in_assign) : Declare.

> Thanks,
> Richard.
>> Thanks,
>> Kugan
>>> +2013-09-25  Kugan Vivekanandarajah  <>
>>> +
>>> +	* dojump.c (do_compare_and_jump): Generate rtl without
>>> +	zero/sign extension if redundant.
>>> +	* cfgexpand.c (expand_gimple_stmt_1): Likewise.
>>> +	* gimple.c (gimple_assign_is_zero_sign_ext_redundant) : New
>>> +	function.
>>> +	* gimple.h (gimple_assign_is_zero_sign_ext_redundant) : Declare.
>>> +

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