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Re: [PATCH] decide edge's hotness when there is profile info

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Jan Hubicka <> wrote:
>> Not for instrumented FDO (not as I know of). But for AutoFDO, this
>> could be a potential risk because some callee is marked unlikely
>> executed simply because they are inlined and eliminated in the O2
>> binary. But in ipa-inline it will not get inlined because the edge is
>> not hot from cgraph_maybe_hot_edge_p (because callee is
>> UNLIKELY_EXECUTED), while the edge->count is actually hot.
> Can't you prevent setting calle to UNLIKELY_EXECUTED in these cases instead?
> It seems that having profile set incorrectly will lead to other problems later, too.
> We discussed similar problem with Teresa about the missing profiles for comdat,
> basically one should detect these cases as profile being lost and go with guessed
> profile.  (I believe patch for that was posted, too, and so far it seems best approach
> to this issue)

The current AutoFDO implementation will take all functions that do not
have have profile as normally executed, thus use guessed profile for
it. This is like using profile for truly hot functions, and using O2
for other functions. This works fine. However, it leads to larger code
size (approximately 10%~20% larger than FDO).

I'd like to introduce another mode for users who care about both
performance and code size, and can be sure that profile is
representative. In this mode, we will mark all functions without
sample as "unlikely executed". However, because AutoFDO use debug info
(of optimized code) to represent profile, it's possible that some hot
functions (say foo) are inlined and fully eliminated into another hot
function (say bar). So in the profile, bar is cold, and because the
profile for foo::bar is eliminated, bar will not be inlined into foo
before the profile annotation. However, after profile annotate, we can
infer from the bb count that foo->bar is hot, thus it should be
inlined in ipa-inline phase. However, because bar itself is marked
UNLIKELY_EXECUTED, it will not be inlined.

One possible workaround would be that during rebuild_cgraph_edges, if
we find an edge's callee is unlikely executed, add the edge count to
the callee's count and recalculate callee's frequency.


> Honza

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