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Re: [patch] Fix altivec-7.C testsuite failure due to vector name mangling.

On 10/11/13 13:55, Brooks Moses wrote:
Hi, all -

We recently built a compiler with a default -fabi-version value that's
different from the 2 that's used as default on trunk.  The result of
this was a test failure in g++.dg/ext/altivec-7.C, which compiles a
bunch of empty functions with vector arguments and inspects the
generated assembly for the mangled names.

The failure is because the test is searching for mangled names of the
form "_Z3fooU8__vectorh", which are only generated by ABI versions 1,
2, and 3.  As noted in the documentation, "Version 4, which first
appeared in G++ 4.5, implements a standard mangling for vector types";
this standard mangling looks like "_Z3fooDv16_h" instead.

This patch fixes the failure by adjusting the test to look for the
names using the standard mangling.  It passes with all ABI versions;
the compiler always emits the standard symbols, and with versions 1,
2, and 3 it also emits duplicate symbols with the old mangling.

Ok to commit?


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