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Re: [PATCH][i386]Fix PR 57756

On Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 2:16 AM, Sriraman Tallam <> wrote:

> Ping.

>>>> This looks nice.  I suppose you grepped for effected targets and rs6000
>>>> was the only one besides i386.
>>>> This is ok given target maintainers do not object within 24h and the test
>>>> successfully bootstrapped and passed regression tests.
>>> I changed this patch  quite a bit after I realized I missed many other
>>> places where global_options field was accessed. The two specific
>>> changes are:
>>> * Particularly, ix86_function_specific_save and
>>> ix86_function_specific_restore had to be changed to copy to a specific
>>> gcc_options structure than to global_options.
>>> * Function ix86_option_override_internal accesses global_options via
>>> macros, like TARGET_64BIT etc. This had to be changed. So, I created
>>> new macros to accept a parameter and named them like TARGET_64BIT_P
>>> and replaced all the accesses in i386.c
>>> I also marked as TODO a copy in function ix86_function_specific_save.
>>> Here, the cl_target_option structure has a ix86_target_flags_explicit
>>> field whereas the global_options structure does not have one.
>>> Previously, this used to get saved to the global_options target_flags
>>> field but this did not make sense to me. I have commented this line
>>> out. Please let me know if a new field needs to be added.
>>> This patch passes bootstrap and all tests. Please take another look.

AFAICS, the patch was approved by Richard on 23. September. None of
the target maintainers have had any further objections to it.

Regarding the TODO in i386.c: some options depend on and enable other
options, for example -msse3 enables SSE2, etc, although user didn't
explicitly add -msse2 to the options. This is not the case with global
options. Since this field is used extensively through i386.c, I'd say
to play safe and save it.

So, x86 part is OK with the above change. Middle end is already
approved and rs6000 maintainer didn't object the approval, so please
go ahead and commit the patch.


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