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Re: [patch] combine ICE fix

On 10/10/13 9:25 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:

> That looks broken.  You leave everything from the last size till the current
> one uninitialized, so it would only work if combine_split_insns
> always increments max_reg_num () by at most one.

Good catch.

> Furthermore, there are macros which should be used to access
> the fields, and, if the vector is ever going to be resized, supposedly
> it should be vec.h vector rather than just array.
> Or perhaps take into account:
> /* If a pass need to change these values in some magical way or the
>    pass needs to have accurate values for these and is not using
>    incremental df scanning, then it should use REG_N_SETS and
>    REG_N_USES.  If the pass is doing incremental scanning then it
>    should be getting the info from DF_REG_DEF_COUNT and
>    DF_REG_USE_COUNT.  */
> and not use REG_N_SETS etc. but instead the df stuff.

I was thinking about converting that array to a vec. But I don't want to
touch more code than I have to right now. Is this OK as a stopgap?

Thanks for the review!


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