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Re: [GOOGLE] Iterative AutoFDO

Patch updated.


On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 10:45 PM, Xinliang David Li <> wrote:
>  > /* Program behavior changed, original promoted (and inlined) target is not
>  > hot any more. Will avoid promote the original target.  */
>  > if (total >= info->first * 0.5)
>  >   return false;
> This part is still not clear: Difference between OLD_INFO and INFO,
> factor 0.5 comes from where etc.
>> gcov_type autofdo_source_profile::get_callsite_total_count (
>>    struct cgraph_edge *edge) const
> Formatting and missing documentation -- there are other cases like
> this in the source.
>>     /* No need to promoted the stmt if its in promoted_stmts (means
>>       it is already been promoted in the previous iterations).  */
> Make it clear that ic promotion and early-inline-2 is done in multiple
> iterations.
>> This is needed because an indirect call might be promoted and
> might have been
>  >    inlined in the profiled binary. If we do not promote and inline
>  >    these indirect calls before annothation, the profile for these
> annothation --> annotation.
>>   {
>>     if (!flag_value_profile_transformations
>>         || !autofdo::afdo_vpt_for_early_inline (&promoted_stmts))
>>      break;
>>    early_inliner ();
> Does it leave any indirect call sites not promoted after this loop? In
> other words, is there a need to keep the value profile transformation
> after the cfg annotation?

That's still needed because the IC_promotion happened before
annotation is only for those promoted in the profiling runs. We still
need to promote those newly exposed opportunities.

> A related question -- for indirect callsites that are not
> promoted/inlined in the profiled binary, will indirect call promotion
> and inlining before cfg annotation cause problems? The inline instance
> won't find profile anymore.

Those callsites will still be promoted after annotation, thus no problem.


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