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Re: [PATCH, libgcc] Disable JCR section when java is not enabled

Jakub> Given the state of gcj that it is now only rarely used and most
Jakub> people just use OpenJDK instead, wouldn't it be a good idea to
Jakub> just require that gcj code is linked using gcj driver or, if
Jakub> linked in any other driver, just using a special non-default
Jakub> option (-flink-jcr or similar), that would be automatically set
Jakub> by gcj driver, move this JCR stuff out of the normal crt* files
Jakub> and put it into crtjava*.o instead, and only link in if
Jakub> -flink-jcr is passed or gcj driver used?  Or treat -lgcj as that
Jakub> magic switch?

The irony of the situation is that this would require significantly more
work than has gone into gcj in the past N years.

Jakub> Also, looking at crtstuff.c makes me wonder where are classes
Jakub> deregistered, there are only calls to _Jv_RegisterClasses, but
Jakub> never to to deregistration, wonder what happens if you dlclose a
Jakub> shared library with registered classes.

I think we never implemented class GC for compiled classes, though it's
hard to remember.


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