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Re: [Patch] Internal functions for testsuite in regex


On 10/04/2013 04:13 PM, Tim Shen wrote:
This is based on disscusions

And it successfully find a bug in regex_executor.tcc :)

Booted and tested under -m32, -m64 and debug before the change in
-m32 and -m64 only for regex_executor.tcc, but I'll start a bootstrap now.
Can you please add short comments inline in the code explaining the semantics of the new functions? A short comment before each one. In particular, the new *_testsuite functions, isn't immediately clear in what they differ from the non-_testsuite variants. In any case we should figure out a better name, maybe even *_internal, if we can't find anything more accurate, but it should be self-explaining in terms of their C++ semantics.

Please also document in a comment before the definition of __regex_search_impl the __policy parameter (not just in the body of the function). And I don't see why we can't use an enumeration instead of integers, like

enum class _RegexExecutorPolicy : int { _AutoExecutor, _DFSExecutor, _BFSExecutor };

More trivial issues: inline functions (like all the new _testsuite ones) should be in .h, not in .tcc. Some unuglified names, like res ans res2.


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