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[c++-concepts] constrained friends redux

This patch implements constrained friends and disallows declarations
of constrained friend template specialization.

There was a previous question about whether I was doing the right
thing in determine_specialization. I'm looking at that issue

2013-10-01  Andrew Sutton  <>
        * gcc/cp/parser.c (cp_parser_member_declaration): Check that
        a constrained friend definition is valid.
        * gcc/cp/decl.c (grokfndecl): Disallow constrained friend template
        * gcc/cp/ (check_constrained_friend): New.
        * gcc/cp/typeck.c (cp_build_function_call_vec): Diagnose constraints
        in the presence of the failure of a single candidate.
        * gcc/cp/cp-tree.h (check_constrained_friend): New.
        * gcc/cp/call.c (is_non_template_member_fn): Make inline.
        (is_non_template_friend), (is_constrainable_non_template_fn): New.
        (add_function_candidate): Predicate check on

Andrew Sutton

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