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Re: [wwwdocs] Mention libstdc++-v3 <regex> in 4.9 changes.html

On 10/02/2013 12:45 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 2 October 2013 11:41, Paolo Carlini wrote:
Minimally, I would talk about "improved support": the evolution from
-std=c++0x to -std=c++11 meant that we aren't in experimental mode anymore.
 From speaking to Jason he's pretty adamant it's still experimental for now :-)

My understanding was that -std=c++11 changed just because the standard
was published, not because our support was finished.
Note however, that these days we are also triumphally announcing that we are feature complete ;) Morally that kind of announcement seems to me quite inconsistent with saying that the support is experimental. That we have bugs, that's for sure, but still talking about experimental when we have a reference released Standard, and we are feature complete, seems to me a good way to confuse the users... But I don't have a strong opinion here, really. Just say in the announcement what suits your taste, try to be minimally consistent and I'm Ok with anything.


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